100 Years of Tanks – Mission 1

Armoured combat vehicles, commonly known as tanks, have been around for a full century now. A rounded anniversary like that cannot go unnoticed, so we have prepared a series of weekly missions for you to complete and win some valuable prizes, including unique commemorative emblems and a special medal in four classes! Also, these missions are a prelude to something really juicy coming in September. What is it exactly? Wait and see for yourself!

How does it work

Each week, there will be a segment of two special missions activated. If you complete them, you will earn valuable prizes, including Garage Slots and premium consumables. The missions are activated progressively, which means that you need to complete Mission 1 before you can pursue Mission 2.

Besides claiming all the rewards, finishing both weekly missions will reward you with even more premium consumables and, on top of that, it will make you eligible to acquire a unique commemorative emblem and a special medal in four classes, once the mission series ends in September.

Sounds good so far? Then get ready for “great,” because there’s more: The more complete-weekly-mission segments you finish, the more emblems you will get! There will be a total of 4 different emblems, so if you want to collect all of them you will need to finish at least 4 weekly mission segments out of 5 that we have prepared. Moreover, each weekly mission segment completion will upgrade the medal by one class: The first completion will grant you the IV class medal, the second will upgrade it to a III class, the third one will make it a II class, and finally the fourth completion will upgrade it to a I class.

100 Years of Tanks: Commemorative Medals and Emblems

These are the unique emblems and medal classes that you will be able to acquire by completing both special missions each week:

Total number of weekly mission segments completed: One



IV Class

III Class

II Class

I Class


Type IV

Type III

Type II

Type I

Important: Please note that all commemorative emblems and the medal will be distributed only after the entire mission series ends on 19 September. In order to claim them, the eligible players have to play one battle between 19 September at 07:00 and 29 September at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2). After this date, no more rewards will be distributed.

The medal will be added to your Service Record, whereas the emblems will be placed in your depot. You can put a commemorative emblem on any tank in your possession. However, bear in mind that once an emblem is set on a vehicle, it becomes permanently bound to it. This means that although it will be possible to remove and reapply the emblem at will, you won’t be able to transfer it to a different vehicle.

100 Years of Tanks Missions: Week 1

The following missions will be available from 15 August at 17:00 to 22 August at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2):

100 Years Week Start
  • 2 x Large Repair Kit
  • 2 x Large First Aid Kit
  • 2 x Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • Random Battles only
  • Tier IV and above
  • Once per account
  • Earn a total of 30,000 XP over any number of battles
100 Years Week Complete
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • Random Battles only
  • Tier IV and above
  • Once per account
  • Completed mission: 100 Years Week Start
  • Deal at least 50,000 points of damage over any number of battles
100 Years of Tanks: Weekly Segment Completion
  • 5 x Large Repair Kit
  • 5 x Large First Aid Kit
  • 5 x Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • Eligibility for: 1 Commemorative Emblem + IV Class Medal/ Class upgrade
  • Once per account
  • Completed mission: 100 Years Week Start
  • Completed mission: 100 Years Week Complete



15 thoughts on “100 Years of Tanks – Mission 1

    1. You don’t have to grind 30k XP every day. Once you complete XP mission you advance to DMG mission. And when you complete DMG mission you also complete week 1.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And AFAIK those are not base XP you have to earn, but “total” XP, affected by premium account and especially reserves. With PA and reserves you can get 30k XP in 2 days of moderate playing.
        DMG is pretty easy to do aswell, even if you don’t play high tiers that much.


  1. Meh, that’s quite grindy. And at the end for those who finished 4 weeks out of 5 there will be a special tier VIII tank bundle for just €99


  2. 100 year anniversary of tanks and this is all they can muster? This is HORRENDOUS!! AW has missions 10 times better than this like every month for much smaller events! Heck, they couldn’t even give a 5 times daily win for the first 3 battles like they did for their like second or third anniversary. No one is going to want to do these missions for a couple of stupid medals that no one will even look at or a couple of premium consumables! This is just pathetic. AW has 2 different events going right now for no reason except just to have them and both individually are better than this. One of then unlocks 5 million credits over the course of the event and the other unlocks up to 6.75 million credits! And the events over lap! WG Fail


    1. “AW has 2 different events going right now for no reason”
      Reason is that nobody plays AW so they want to atleast keep the players by having a lot of missions.
      WG EU doesn’t need this yet. EU server comes worst when it comes to mission/specials (SEA is bad aswell I heard but I don’t have experience with it so excluding that), RU server has better ones simply because generally russians are more poor than europeans so they get better ones and NA population is low so they get the best ones, simply to try to keep the population.

      Not that I’m happy that EU server is not getting much love in this regards but it means that atleast for now EU population is healthy enough and doesn’t need cheap tricks to maintain the numbers.


        1. Don’t look at google trends, look at Wot-news server stats (I think they are roughly accurate).
          In the last 2 years peak number of active players in 1 week was 1,2mil, average somewhere between 900k and 1mil.
          For the past few months it’s between 800k and 900k and has risen in August.
          People don’t stop playing the game because of bad specials. They might play less often but they won’t stop.
          What will eventually cause them to quit is either bad gameplay, no content or no friends to play with.
          I don’t want to defend WG here, as they do make a lot of mistakes but from the bussiness point of view they are doing the correct thing. You don’t want to spoil the customers unless you have to.
          What happens with AW if they keep giving away lots of stuff for free? Their ingame economic will be broken, people will not feel the need to buy PA/premium tanks. What happens if they stop? People will be unhappy because they were used to having good specials and they may leave, unless you offer them specials again.


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