WoT is 6 years old!

On August 12, the online release of «World of Tanks» was held, but for technical reasons the game servers have worked since August 13, 2010. By this time the game server in the Russian-speaking region had about 16 000 people playing at the same time.

Congratulations Wargaming for making a good game and for keeping it alive, now give us those historical PvE battles! :mrgreen:


19 thoughts on “WoT is 6 years old!

  1. back then, when the game was good, and almost balanced :P, i miss almost every map….

    today maps are just “yolo yolo gñe push push siema noob team” done in 3 minutes

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      1. its not sarcasm, lt max tier 6, spotters and runners.
        mts and tds max tier 9, balanced, had to fight their place at the map
        artys tier 8

        each tanks had a role and maps were balanced so almost every tank could have a place to be.

        there were exceptions? well ofc, but today the exception is findind lts that spot, and mts that flank.


  2. 6 years already. In dog years that’s 36 years, WoT is now an adult, and a rather irresponsible one at that.

    I remember the good old days though, and even with a side of nostalgia, it feels better than the stuff today. Simpler, easier. No gold spam unless you actually paid for it. Yes.

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      1. Was the game pay2win back in 2012? It wasn’t, wasn’t it?
        Only clanwarmongering idiots had gold to spam, it was almost unheard of in the common random battles.

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          1. I don’t think you understand the real meaning of this situation.
            Okay, let me explain.

            Take the situation of 2012. You wanted gold ammo? You had to grab your wallet, buy gold and buy the gold ammo from that, OR, be in a strong clan that dominates the global map.
            This means that only the most dedicated or the ‘richest’ players will have and use gold.

            Now take the situation of today. You can buy gold ammo for a larger amount of credits. Literally everyone can do it. Some 12 years old little siema tomato kid can’t penetrate the frontal armor of an E 100 in his T34 or whatever he bought with the money of mommy and daddy? He buys the gold ammo for credits and there we have it, auto-penetration!

            Number of gold users in percentage:

            -Situation 1: ~5%
            -Situation 2: ~85%

            Sure, you can pay for the bloody gold, but I’m sure as heck there won’t be gold spammming in literally every fucking battle if the gold ammo can only be bought with real money!!!


    1. It wasn’t balanced at all. Americans at prohorovka without arty could destroy every nation, while ZSRR heavies were owning city maps. And too many nations were excluded due to lack of SPGs and TDs.


        1. Czech, China, Japan (and soon Sweden). Even connecting them as one big nation would work, because they are still missing spgs and tds. It’s nearly half of them (and will be half soon).

          But the most important thing is that the whole battle depends on map and at the beggining one team has great advantage.


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