Rheinmetall Skorpion G Review


22 thoughts on “Rheinmetall Skorpion G Review

  1. I have no bloody idea what’s going on in this comment section, so I will just go ahead and pretend there is nothing out of ordinary.

    This one looks great in both design and use, based on the credit income it’s also worth it by far!
    The only thing that bothers me is the fact that just like with the Grand Final tanks, this one has a default camo that can’t be changed.
    I’m not saying it’s necessarily bad, but it takes away the opportunity of making it… unique.

    So I r8 8/8, gr8 b8 m8! :D


    1. Make that 490 alpha. :P

      It does definitely have its downsides (i.e. low health, huge size, no armor, bad turret traverse, etc), but it looks quite good for a premium IMO. Definitely looks like it has the potential to be pretty popular, minus the camo pattern.


  2. Basically a T8 Grille. Looks too good IMO. It’s a tier 9 HT gun put on medium-like platform and downtiered. While mediums usually have same guns as heavies tier higher or on the same tier with some drawbacks.
    I mean, yes, it has no armor, low HP pool, bad viewrange, turns slow and the gun handling isn’t amazing (it is good for a T8 TD though), but that gun on a mobile platform, with 0.29 accuracy…

    I’ll go ahead and say that with those stats, it’s the best T8 premium w/o prem MM.


    1. Most mediums have 1-2 tier lower heavy guns, actually, tier 8 and lower are quite undergunned. Especially the Comet and T-43. Because 130-150 alpha versus 1200-1500 HP tanks with 240-400 alpha and trollish armor is totally not unbalanced or anything.
      Not sure on PC, but console has little to nothing but T29 / Tiger spam at 7. 8 is 100% premiums (with nearly full gold ammo*), and 6 is KV-2 / 85 spam, with the occasional M6.

      Rant aside, I still think the Skorpion is bordering OP, simply due to the 12.8 on a premium, it’s too easy to see it’ll be the next pure gold-spam tank, as everyone loves spamming skill ammo these days…. It’s a faster Borsig… 100% Superior if you hate the 15cm for some reason.

      I would like to add, I started with something valid to say, but much hate filled ranting later…


      1. That is one hell of a retarded assumption. Why shoot vitamin G when you have nearly 250 AP pen? Ofc there will be people doing that but I will bet my good reputation that most not-braindead players will shoot almost exclusively AP.


        1. I think APCR won’t be really needed aswell, considering it has good standard penetration, great accuracy and thanks to mobility and fully rotateable turret it can fight with mediums where you don’t need as much pen.
          That being said, APCR is powerful on this tank. It improves the mediocre shell velocity and because it’s APCR, no problem with spaced armor.


  3. What’s up with all the rant about Skorpion G being “OP”?! get your shit straight ppl, do you want good premium tanks or not?!
    WG gives you 59-Patton you whine, WG gives you Skorpion G and then you also whine. If you are so unhappy about Skorpion G being a very good premium tank be my guest and go buy yourself a 59-Patton you whining spoiled brats.


  4. I bought it for about 2 weeks and I love this tank. It’s not OP because it requires a very skill playing because the lack of it’s armor. Plus that the turret has a low traverse speed and if a medium approach you he can kill you very easy. I don’t mention about a light tank who can troll you. I have fun with it when I play actively supporting the mediums or heavies right behind them. You can also play it passively but in that way you cannot benefit from the mobility and may ending the game with a lot less damage done, assistance and kills. Now Skorpion is my favorite tank.
    Buy it and have fun in games.


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