WoWS: Release Notes

Update is now scheduled for August 3 and will be prepped from 03:00 PT/ 06:00 ET until 04:30 PT/ 07:30 ET. Fast Facts

  • The possibility of having two aircraft carriers on one team in the case of long waiting time has been removed for tier VIII-X battles
  • Fixed an issue that caused the artillery main guns on Hull B of Karlsruhe to reload slower than if they are mounted on Hull A. As a result, the guns now reload in 6.5 seconds instead of 8.57 seconds
  • Fixed an issue that caused a UI freeze when a one-off personal offer is declined
  • Increased the smoothness of a ship’s movement after it is detected
  • As an experiment, some new players will receive a “light” or “slim” version of the game during their download, which will allow them to start playing before downloading the full version
  • Small server issues fixed

3 thoughts on “WoWS: Release Notes

  1. so they removed the Russian Mafia inspired marketing tactic:

    “Refusing a personal offer huh? Take a UI freeze on your face then, praise mother Russia and give us your money”


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