WoWS/WoT: New Wargaming Rules Violation Policy

Original post. (WoWS NA Forums)

Wargaming is pleased to announce an update to our Rules and Violations policy. We’ve heard your requests for more transparency regarding how violations are handled and we want to provide this to you.

We are committed to providing everyone with a positive gaming experience, and a key part of that is how we handle our rules and what happens when they are violated. Our goal with this update is to reward players who contribute positively to our games, and to make sure there are policies in place to help keep our games as safe as possible for everyone.

Earn Rewards for Good Behavior

The most important part of our new policy is the addition of rewards! Players who step up to the challenge and consistently exhibit good behavior will be rewarded every three months.

Everyone who has no game, chat, or forum violations during the 3 month period:

  • Will receive a token of appreciation from Wargaming – these could be things like Premium consumables or other in-game items.
  • Will be entered into a drawing for ninety (90) days of Premium time. Fifty (50) random players will be selected to receive this Premium time!

All players that have no game, chat, or forum violations for an entire year will be entered into a drawing for a selection of in-game items worth $250. One (1) player will be selected to receive this package of items that would include things like Premium Time, rare vehicles, and Gold.

Start Date

Our new policy will go into effect on August 8, 2016 . We are providing it here today so that everyone can be aware of these changes in advance. 

As we are rolling out the updates to our policy, we will be wiping the slate clean for every Wargaming customer with an active account.* Any previous in-game sanctions, chat violations, or forum warnings will no longer count against you. (Players who are already permanently banned are NOT eligible to be unbanned and receive a clean slate).

How Strikes Work

Previously, violations would “roll off” and no longer count against you after a certain period of time. This left open the possibility for people to “game the system” by improving behavior only long enough to let their violation roll off.

Under the new policy:

  • Players will receive one warning, and each offense afterwards will then count as a “strike” against the account.
  • Each strike received will come will a restriction. Restrictions increase with each strike.
  • Important: Strikes do not roll off!
  •  Once you have reached 5 strikes, your account is eligible to be permanently restricted.
    • 5 strikes in chat violations can result in a permanent chat ban.
    • 5 strikes in game violations can result in a permanent game ban.
    • 5 strikes in the forums can result in a permanent forum ban.
  • If you believe a strike was placed on your account incorrectly, submit a Penalty Appeal as a Support ticket and we will thoroughly review the issue.
 Please note! For extremely severe violations, an account can be restricted with less than the above number of strikes, at the sole discretion of Wargaming employees. Wargaming reserves the right to review each situation and take the best action based on the individual details of the particular issue.

We have provided a detailed explanation of exactly what this means for in-game behavior, chat behavior, and forum behavior.


We believe these new policies will help improve everyone’s overall experience, keep the games you love as friendly as possible. Our desire is not to punish people – we want to have a clear policy in place  and then hold players accountable for their behavior in order to ensure we do everything we can to provide you with the best possible gaming experience! At the same time, we want to reward those who step up to meet these expectations consistently.

*Please note – accounts that were banned under the previous system will remain banned. Existing banned accounts are not eligible for a clean slate.


7 thoughts on “WoWS/WoT: New Wargaming Rules Violation Policy

  1. Killed multiple times a Noob-Platoon and they wasted all their reports for me – coz human skills and the usage of my brain are stronk hax. With the new policy i have to open a ticket every time for noob-report-spam?

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  2. Strikes and violation better not use the ingame reporting system.

    Yesterday, a platoon of hero battleship snipers decided that it was a cruiser’s job to solo rush a cap zone with 3 enemy destroyers while they sat back and sniped.
    When I refused, because I enjoy playing matches that last more than 4 minutes, they reported me.

    The average player is a retard, so I really hope that the future of my account isn’t in his hands.


  3. I’m actually more worried about idiots reporting good players for their own faults. Those innocent players would have to work for appeals every damn time as if the painful exp/credits grind wasn’t enough.


  4. I wonder how they will check ppl that make you do intentional team damage, be it running with a light ship/tank in your ship/tank, be it running in front of your shells/torps, or all the other dumb things ppl do and they complain, because the system reports that its your fault even if you did nothing wrong. Maybe WG just want ppl to yolo rush and die to keep their accounts safe. =P


  5. and instead of removing friendly fire which will solve 90% of the in-game problems, they just have to come up with a more difficult system than before, just to keep their employee’s from starving.


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