Prinz Eugen Leaked Stats

Thanks to Urakaze!

Prinz Eugen

Tier 8 German Premium Cruiser

Cost: 11000 Gold
*This is very preliminary stats(some of it is still missing),please take this with a pinch of salt.
*Values in (brackets) are the stats of a fully upgraded Admiral Hipper, if the stats are different


Ship HP: 45000 (43800)
Deck Armour: ??? mm
Belt Armour: ??? mm
Torpedo Protection:?? %
Max. Speed: 32 knots
Rudder Shift time: 10.6 seconds
Turning Circle Radius: 770 m (740m)
Surface Detectability: 14.9 km (14.2 km)
Air Detectability: 9.4 km (9.0 km)

Main Battery:
20,3cm L/60 SK C/34 (4 x 2)
Range: 17.5 km (17.7 km)
Reload time : 13 seconds
Turret rotation speed: 22.5 second/180°
Firing arc: ???°
HE Shell: 2500 damage, 925 m/s velocity, 13% chance of fire
AP Shell: 5900 damage, 925 m/s velocity

Secondary Battery:
10,5cm L/65 Dop. L. C/31 (6 x 2)
Range: 4.5 km
Reload: 3.4 seconds
HE Shell: 1300 damage, 9% chance of fire

Torpedo Armament:
533mm G7a T1 (4 x 3)
Damage: 13700
Speed: 64 knots
Range: 6 km
Reload time: 68 seconds

Far: 100 damage, Range 4.5 km
Middle: 135 damage, Range 3.5 km
Near: 44 damage, Range 2 km (53 damage)


27 thoughts on “Prinz Eugen Leaked Stats

  1. Everything is still pretty much unknown now, so keep your bashing and speculations at a reasonable level (also, sorry for whatever mistake I make, it’s darn hard to do stuff like this when you are thousands of kilometers away from home and working on a tiny screen of a phone)


  2. The Prinz Eugen is probably my favorite ships of all times, but why get it?
    It’s a less maneuverable C hull Hipper.


          1. You do rely on forums, you do get those Q&As from a singular thread on the EU forums where Carnotzet and others are posting what they found.


                1. ah, I will give you the last response from our new translator, Andrei.

                  „ok, Sub_Octavian answered and I send all the questions directly to him. I suppose he will publish them himself and then answers.”

                  unfortunately only 17 questions survived from the almost 50 posted like 6 months ago (woah)


        1. If you want to continue going on saying how I/TAP discredit people. Please open that link I gave you and compare who posted first, the Chinese or EU forums, I only work on Chinese source if they posted faster than other places. If you still try to deny that, then I cannot further reply. I am Chinese and I have always translated WoWS leaks from Chinese source since months ago.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I got a bit too worked up there, I should apologize for that.
          But seriously, could you not just point at someone and say that they are wrong just because you know something they dont know. I never followed EU forum news as my part of responsibility only concerns Chinese sources.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. I dont like that you dont credit the work from other people. They do the same as you, so credit their work, its just fair!


  4. nope i wont get used to it, because that attitude sucks! hope no single site is linking yours, because you dont even do it as well! my site wont do it anymore from now on!


    1. So should we credit the developers for actually making this stuff , I mean, they’re doing the work after all, and it’s easier to credit the devs than whoever leaked them, Right?


  5. What the hell is wrong with you people? Get out, get some fresh air….you’re about to have a heart attack over NOTHING.

    On topic, it should be a bit slower than Hipper, but with better AA.

    Liked by 1 person

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