M4 Improved Available on EU

Looks like it’s a „special offer”. The offer expires in 1 day. Price: 10 € Included in the package:

-500 Gold



10 thoughts on “M4 Improved Available on EU

  1. a very meh tank there are better things to spend your money on at tier 5 like the church 3 which you can get for half the price of this thing when its on sale same with the pz t25 which is arguably one of the best tier 5s in the game right now.


      1. ah right if your a collector then it doesnt matter buy away but for the typical wot player this one you may want to think twice about


    1. it has the lee gun a tier higher with a full turret and better armour than the regular m4 sherman along with better mobility but 90 or so pen when you can meet things like the t150 and oi that are just 1 tier higher and take in to account that as far as i remember it doesnt get preferential matchmaking then its a very difficult machine to recommend i got it in the hopes theyd potentially buff it (sort of like the fv4202 missions situation) but that hasnt happened yet.


  2. Worst tier 5 premium ever, unless you are a rich boy and spam gold.
    But honestly the only bad thing about this tank is the gun, everything else is actually decent especially if you angle your armor because this tank got better side armor and the front angle helps.

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