WoWS Q&A – 19th July 2016

Thanks to Carnotzet.

Latest Q&A’s.

1. It seems that the people behind the ranked battles matchmaker only play DD’s, don’t play the game or are too busy developing AAA MMO games to even care.

Since we’re nearly through 4 seasons of ranked battles, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts about it and what you plan for the future.

A. All my colleagues and myself that played ranked battles share your pain (that having different ship classes composition between the teams is painful). The RB matchmaker does indeed have some problems. They will soon be resolved when we will implement the new matchmaker (that was introduced in 0.5.8 in random battles) in this mode as well.

2. Permanent camouflages are way overpriced. Wouldn’t it be better to allow players to put them on different ships ?

A. Permanent camouflages are designed for the players who desire to keep one ship. We don’t plan to allow players to put them on other ships or change the way they work or are sold. They were first introduced as a special “feature” to those interested to play on a single ship for a long time. Moreover, most of the bonuses they give can be found on camouflages that can be bought with silvers so I don’t think we can speak about them being “overpriced”.

3. In WoT, players are rewarded for spotting enemies whereas in WoWs, they aren’t. Wouldn’t be fair to reward those who allow other players to inflict damage by spotting enemies for them ?

A. We would really like to do it. Beginning with patch 0.5.9, we will start collecting server data regarding teamplay actions such as spotting and tanking. This data will help us set an economical reward for such actions in the future (hopefully not so far future). However, it’s important to remember that in doing so, we don’t plan to improve economic gains. When rewards for such actions will be implemented, the economy will take them into account when calculating final rewards and thus economical gains will remain as they were previously.

4. I have more than 2 million experience points that can be converted into free xp. Could you add another use for that experience ?

A.We don’t plan to. The convertible experience you accumulated is a resource that doesn’t force to do anything with it. Either you convert it, either you wait for another use for it to appear (as said before, currently, we don’t plan to do that), or you don’t do anything with it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Second series.

1. I read your comments about the 283 vs 380 mm Gneisenau discussion. For me, it seems you’re saying that 155 mm Mogami is an unplayable trashcan and thus 283 mm Scharnhorst will also be an unplayable trashcan.

Just make 155 mm Mogami a premium ship so she can at least make some profits. Why wouldn’t you equip both Scharnhorst and Gneisenau with 283 mm guns but give Scharhorst 1.5X defensive fire for 20-30 seconds. She would thus sill be different and players would buy her. All in all, I’m less and less willing to buy Scharnhorst.

Are we stuck in a battle without alternatives ?

A. Mogami was a bad example. The fact that she has the option to sport 155 mm guns is fine from a historical standpoint but it’s a mistake from a gameplay standpoint. I explained the reason for this. And to deliberately repeat one’s mistake is not the best course of action.

If you read my explanation, you must be aware that balance comes before historical accuracy. This reflects our general thought process.

I will also add that you should not make premature conclusions regarding the effectiveness of ships that are still being tested. For now and from what the tests have shown, Scharnhorst is too performant and it’s unlikely it will be released in her current state. We will slightly tweak her and test her once more.


10 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 19th July 2016

  1. Why do people keep insisting the 155s on Mogami is shit they are not. Anyway i wonder how much the Scharnhorst is going to change from this ‘too performant’ state when it released.


    1. It’s just much less efficient now.
      Turrets too slow and too fragile to be worth it, compared to the 203s.

      Add to that the range advantage is gone, and the HE damage lower than before, and you ask yourself “why bother?”

      You get a few moments to shine, but the 203s are just better overall.
      Now if the turrets were faster and more resistant…


      1. When i use 203mm my average damage was terrible around 36000 and now that i switched to the 155s my average damage is 43000 and its still going up. Sure the damge per shell is isnt great but the rate of fire and the sheer volume of fire is more than enough to make up for it and to this day i have yet lost a 1vs1 fight against another 203mm armed mogami or atago.


        1. If it works for you, hooray.
          But server stats show that 155 Mogamis perform worse in damage per game than 203s.
          And it breaks my heart, since I fell in love with the 155 Mogami back during CBT.

          The problem isn’t that the damage per shell is too low, it’s that unless you stay back and take your time for every single target, you’ll never have all your turrets pointed at a target, and you’ll tend to lose 1 or 2 turrets per battle, completely negating the RoF advantage.


          1. The losing turret thing used to be a pain in the ass back before they buff the turret health, I dont know how much you play it now but lts a pretty rare occurrence. As for the server stats it might be because of the fact that Mogami stock with no modifications and upgrades is horrid and since everybody starts the Mogami with the 155s equipped by default and most people (at least the ones i saw playing) moves onto the 203s immediately it not hard to see why the server stats for it are so low. My point is for those people who hasn’t already made their minds about the 155s to atleast try it with expert marksman and main battery modification 2. 38.1 seconds turret turn time is completely manageable if you are used to Japanese cruisers.


  2. Ah there you go.. Scharnhorst is “too performant”, that’s why her original armament will be exclusive for her (profit). This only means that Gneisenau will be a big pile of $hit without it and we better collect the xp to skip her.

    About the Mogami…..if the 155s are a “bad” choice from a gameplay standpoint….what about the poor Nurnberg who has only 150s? Is the whole ship a bad choice from a gameplay standpoint? i know, a few tiers lower but it’s the same weakness. At least the Mogami has a LOT of them…just saying.


    1. 155mm Mogami isn’t shit because of 155mm. It’s shit because they deliberately nerfed it into uselessness. Back in CBT the 155mm Mogami shitted all over the 203mm Mogami and it justifiably promted a harsh nerf, since the 155mm Mogami also shitted all over everything else as well, while it was at it. They just overdid it spectacularly and never went back on it, leaving it in the sorry state it is in nowadays.

      And Nürnberg is quite a powerful ship. What holds it back in terms of server-stats, are myriads of bad players playing it all day.


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