Supertest: T92 Light Tank Preliminary Stats

Tier: 7
HP: 840
Max speed: 60 / 25 km / h
Hull turning speed: 70 °/s
Turret turning speed: 50 °/s
View range: 400 m

Alpha Damage: 150
Penetration: 175 mm
Reload time: 4,5 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,42
Aiming time: 1,9 s


13 thoughts on “Supertest: T92 Light Tank Preliminary Stats

  1. Oh neat!
    I was wondering when they would implement this one, I just recently learnt that the T92 (arty) was made in the late period of/right after WWII, so this light tank it was based on was supposed to be ingame.

    Well, I guess it’s about to arrive now, cool!

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    1. so now they will start spaming T71 variants? like they already did a prem T71 thats tier 7, we got the normal t71, the bulldog, and now a t92 lt thats tier 7 too.

      in my view since t92 is the outcome of the t71 project, they could put it as the tier 8 following the t71, and you could chose between going for it or the t69.


      1. The main issue for the T92 LT as tier 8 is its gun: the 76mm Gun T185E1 (a 76mm Gun M32, present on the M41, fitted with a quick change tube). Compared to the M41, the gun is equivalent but the tank is 25% lighter, allowing for air transport, and no better protection, and a speed of 35 mph (compared to the 45mph of the M41 and T49).
        Except that, the T92 LT has no advantage compared to the M41.
        The tank was supposed to have 4 pilot tanks during its development, but in early 1957, the American Intelligence discovered that Soviet Union was equipping its troops with an amphibious tank, the PT76, and the T92 LT was cancelled after only two pilot tanks, to let place to the development of the M551 Sheridan

        So when we look at it, it has no advantage compared to the M41 and had no development. Outside of a premium T7, impossible to do anything with this tank, and that’s why it was not in the tree after the M41 or after the T71.

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  2. Ok now I’m 100% sure about what I thought yesterday: WG said they might make light tank line up to tier 10.

    Tier 8 ligh tanks got a nice HP buff on sandbox server, T-54 ltwt now has 1450 Hp, that is tier 10 level ( AMX 50B and TVP has 1600, STB-1 1650 on sandbox )
    So current tier 8 lights will be pushed up to tier 10 and they introduce some new lights to fill the gaps.

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