Supertest: L60 Preliminary Stats

More coming later

Tier: 2 (Swedish tanks at last!)
HP: 180
Max speed: 45 / 20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 45 °/s
Turret turning speed: 44 °/s
View range: 280 m

Alpha Damage: 12
Penetration: 27 mm
Reload time: 5 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,48
Aiming time: 1,8 s


26 thoughts on “Supertest: L60 Preliminary Stats

  1. Awww, this is adorable!
    And looks rather similar to the Toldi III. O_o
    Wait, isnt the Toldi based on a Swedish tank like this?… I can’t recall…

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    1. The L-60 (this above) was the tank Landsverk presented to the Hungarians in 1938. After the comperative trials with the ‘home-built’ Straussler V-4, the Hungarian Army chose the Swedish design and accepted the L-60 into service under the name 38 M. Toldi (A20). The only difference between the Toldi and the L-60 were the different, enlarged turret, 20mm Solothurn gun rather than the original 20mm Madsen, built in radio and few other minor things.
      So yeah, they look similar, because the L-60 and the Toldi are pretty much, let’s say 90% the same tank :)

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      1. Ayyy, Karika, my man! Thank you for looking up that article, I remember reading something about this on a few pages.
        Do you have any news about the progression of the Hungarian tree? Would we get at least a premium tree like the Polaks?

        Na és ha már magyarok vagyunk akkor beszéljünk úgy is egy kicsit. Egy kicsi.:D

        [Translation: And if we are both Hungarians, let us speak in Hungarian a little. A little. :D]

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        1. Nope, no new infos about the Hungarian vehicles, we are being neglected at the moment :(

          és beszélhetünk magyarul, de akkor a többiek megharagszanak :P és bojlerem sincs eladó..


    2. Toldi I is a licensed swedish L60 with minimal modifications.

      On the other hand Toldi IIA and III are Hungarian modifiations and upgrades of this tank type. Better gun, armor, even added schürzen (armor skirt) on Toldi IIA just like on german tanks.

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      1. That’s what I read a long time ago, thank you for sharing this information! :)
        I wish we had a Hungarian (at least premium) tree with all of the tank variants. Especially a schürzen Toldi IIA. Would be so cute!

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