World of Tanks│World of LoLs – Episode 21


25 thoughts on “World of Tanks│World of LoLs – Episode 21

  1. Am I the only one (dat pun) who just skips parts where they talk in yugoslavian or what the hell language? :D I only can tolerate BirgirPall :D

    Also he seems to be fan of Zack Snyder with that stupid slow motion.

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      1. Nah, older were better – due to an ACTUAL good replays :D Those are…..

        I should make some full Borderlands voicings. If only I could extract ALL the sounds from the game – I want that Malivan rocket launcher arming sound.

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            1. No he is just the patient one, and I am the one that really gets pissed off by nobrainers like you and I can’t hold myself back not to replay to them.


                  1. Only rivals I had were in Terrible E100.
                    Long gone now.

                    It must be fear that I come back. Fear me not – fear mrwanwan.


                  2. Nah, we are not afraid of anyone :) We actually support new youtubers, they just have to come up with something new :) Why would we be afraid of them if we can help people become popular and earn money they deserve? Actually the only youtuber we hate is Woras cuz he is the most annying one… And I mean annoying for no particular reason, just to troll around and spread his jealousy. He wrote negative and the most importantly unreasonable coments on almost if not even each of Ones videos, why? We still don’t know. Our only prediction is, because he can’t get more subscribers while One is geting more and more popular… I am kind of sad for people like him. He’ll never get any cooperations with his negativity and he will never develop his channel… It’s like small firms getting in conflict with Apple or Microsoft or whatever big company, they stand no chance, they will just get themselves harmed. With that said I hope I explained the hatered we have towards him.


                    1. FUCKING WHAT?!?!? :D

                      I wrote comments on like……4 videos? 2 of those were just questions and unrelated to WoT or video. So it leaves 2 videos. So I ask again – WHAT? :D

                      You got yourself some phony, mate :D
                      And about growth of channel – never intended to do where I am now. But I feel I must do something epic – not for viewers, for myself.

                      And hate lol what the hell! I thought that our relationship was like this – we both knew that we existed and thats it :D Not friends not enemies – neutral.

                      Yes I see it now – sorry but E100 had to die :( Blame warisoverdragon – he was to keep it alive xD


        1. yeah, but you are the one being jealous and hating for no constructive reason on every video oneandonly makes… Did oneandonly hate on your videos? EVER? NO! Look, he is better at editing and more creative, you can’t compare to someody that has been editing videos for his whole life…

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          1. First I only asked – some like to listen to dwabstep, some like Renault Multipla, some like to listen to language they cant comprehend. Understandable.

            But that slo-mo is really unneccessary (srsly screw this word) – for an epic moments yes.
            Not mundane ones :D


            1. You know, I like dubsetp… And if you hate on people for liking different stuff YOU are the one being narrowmined, which makes me stop arguing with you because you can’t argue with 2 years old. See yaa!


  2. Oh goodness, those sound effects, especially the TF2 classes’ voices! XD
    The Slovenian part was getting rather annoying, though. Oh well.

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