WoT Development : first feedback from Sandbox


9 thoughts on “WoT Development : first feedback from Sandbox

  1. The first iteration was a fail on EVERY part, the biggest being artillery stun mechanic.
    Followed by pushing tanks into single roles they should perform, what if you can’t fullfill your role? You are useless or at the very best mediocre at other roles… This is not fun at all, diversity is fun.

    Penetration drop off feels like such a turn down, people like penning tanks, but changing it to not being able to pen sides of a Maus with the biggest TD guns at 300m+ felt super frustrating.

    Dispersion changes made for a lot of rage, better players draw the shorter straw here for aiming more and hitting less.

    Facepalm all the way through this video.


    1. It’s actually expected to be a failure. It’s a very early stage of development, earlier than even a beta. They expect it to fail many times before finding success. Many developers don’t show this stage of development precisely because players don’t understand that it’s expected to fail. It will take many experiments and iteration to find success.


  2. “increase the number of playable tanks, and decrease the number of unplayable”

    so nerf IS-3 so people can freaking fight it. tier 6 7, and even some 8s are unplayable when they have to fight this tank that they need gold to pen(and sometimes not even then). FFS when 1 tank is used more than 2x the next “most used” and its not even a prem. that should give off warning alarms

    give it back the 20mm weakspot on its side so germans are sidescrapers. and pike nose tanks aren’t better than them at it


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