Panzer III Ausf. K versus Panzer IV Ausf. D

Tier V IV
Type Medium Tank Medium Tank
Nation Germany Germany
DPM 1,720.71 1,720.71
Penetration 103 103
Damage 110 110
Module Damage 100 100
Rate of Fire (rnds/min) 15.64 15.64
Reload Time (secs) 3.84 3.84
Clip Size n/a n/a
Clip Reload (secs) n/a n/a
Caliber (mm) 75 75
Shell Velocity (m/s) 740 740
Max Range (m) 720 720
Ammo Capacity 40 75
Weapon Handling
Aim Time (secs) 2.21 2.40
Accuracy 0.38 0.38
Dispersion (moving) 0.36 0.29
… (tank traverse) 0.36 0.29
… (turret traverse) 0.16 0.16
… (after firing) 4 4
… (damaged) 2 2
Elevation (°) 20 20
Depression (°) 10 10
Gun Traverse (°) 180 / 180 180 / 180
Forward Speed (km/h) 40 42
Reverse Speed (km/h) 12 18
Power (hp) 300 440
Power/Weight (hp/t) 13.19 21.53
Terrain Resist (hard) 0.86 1.05
Terrain Resist (medium) 1.05 1.25
Terrain Resist (soft) 1.82 2.21
Turret Traverse (°/sec) 33.37 45.89
Tank Traverse (°/sec) 38 40
Brake Force 25,000 21,000
Armor & Health
Hull Armor (mm) 50 / 30 / 50 30 / 20 / 20
Turret Armor (mm) 50 / 30 / 30 30 / 20 / 20
Track Armor (mm) 15 15
Health 600 350
Engine Health 86 86
Track Health 90 80
Ammo Rack Health 150 125
View Range (m) 350 340
Camo (%) 0% / 0% / 0% 7.41% / 5.55% / 1.83%
Battle Tier 4 5 6
Radio Range (m) 646.57 432.79
Fire Chance (%) 20% 20%
Tank Cost 2,200 150,000
Shell Cost 70 70
Load Capacity (kg) 25,000 25,000
Total Weight (kg) 22,750 20,437
Hull Weight (kg) 10,143 9,320
Gun Weight (kg) 1,437 1,437
Turret Weight (kg) 3,200 2,100
Engine Weight (kg) 920 510
Track Weight (kg) 7,000 7,000
Radio Weight (kg) 50 70

14 thoughts on “Panzer III Ausf. K versus Panzer IV Ausf. D

  1. Kinda unfortunate, not playing the game atm, but I have fond memories of playing my normal Pz III at tier VI and a up-gunned version a tier higher with better mobility and LT camo may have been worth the money. It’s a shame WG, . . . “WG’d it again.”

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  2. So basically it’s shit, I see.
    And i wanted to get it, in memory of the good old closed beta days in which I played the Pz. III the most.

    Oh well.


    1. Just as the M4 Improved, I never met one playing tier V, and I’m starting to think that I was the only one who bought it… Or maybe is just that it is a fucking piece of shit xD


      1. actually. m4 improved is a better deal than this

        m4 improved was bad yes, but it gave you some things over regular sherman

        namely gun handling, dpm(vs sherman 76), and top speed/ reverse speed.

        so while it didn’t work out, it was still better than sherman in some regards.

        but pz3k? is inferior to a tier 4. and massively inferior to the tier 5 Pz4H. so its worse


      2. I also own one! :D
        The M4imp has a great potential. It has viewrange, mobility and gun handling without sacrifying armor. But the skill ceiling is pretty high due to the pen (also, you’ll need half of your rack filled with APCR :P)
        But I don’t regret getting it.

        But this sh*t.. I wouldn’t play it even if I got it for free. Like the Toldi, it is so UP there is no point of getting it unless you LIKE losing.
        It should be Tier 4 or nothing.


    2. I am also a pixel tank collector.
      But no way in hell they gonna get $13 from me for a tank that is essentially a nerfed PZ IVD with tier 7 MM.
      If you think that it is a reasonable thing to do, then you are not very bright.
      There are more than enough Premium German Medium tanks in the shop right now that are viable crew trainers and silver credit earners. T25, Turan PT (sort of) Panther 8.8, PZ58 Mutz. and in the past PZ IVS. and less so, Panther/M10.
      If a minimal amount of people buy it, then maybe WG will realize that it is not balanced correctly and either make it a tier 4 (in which case it is a very good buy), or buff it so that it is a reasonable tier 5.


  3. all I can see from those stats is that it got more armor than IV D (and better aiming time) and that it has “zero camo stat”?


  4. FU WG…. that is all I have to say. you roll out this POS and its worse than a tier 4? who the FK is looking at the stats of these tanks before they take your money…now I will tell you, I have over 200 in my garage, so I do buy prem tanks, but C’ Mon MAN


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