WoT Console: Weather Effects Footage

I have returned.


12 thoughts on “WoT Console: Weather Effects Footage

    1. Not for AW :D
      But srs – even if unoptimised game as AW and my PC CAN handle it – what does it say about WG laziness? :D
      Introduce this stuff as EU/NA exclusive? :D

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      1. whats really sad is
        PC has asked for this for longer than consoles been around.

        its as if WG takes all the devs who give 2 shits about the game, and “banish” them to console. where they make a good game

        while all the bad devs stay on PC….and spend 2 years avoiding fixing the game.

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        1. It’s about the same on console, really.
          Almost 3 years and TDs still have 850 dmg, WTF E-100 has 6 shells, etc. Not to start about higher RoF on arty…
          Oh, and even more premium spam than PC. In the last year, there’s been ONE full line, and around 15-20 premiums.
          Sure, the graphics are nice, but inherent lag + above issues prevents it from being better

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        1. yeah….they have improved the aesthetics some what. but they still got alot of work to go.

          as for WG getting off their arses…

          well i just got into a conversation about that

          and thats also probably a reason WoT is dying on NA. we’re held by limitations. on average computers in NA are higher spec than in russia (probably more due to where microsoft and apple are competing than anythign else)
          so WG needs to keep it specced for russian computers.

          but….in NA how often do we move to new games cause “graphics” *looks at CoD*


          but considering WoWS(from what i hear) is gettign weather of sorta, it does seem like WG would eventually fidn a way to get weather to us…..i mean russia is playing WoWS as well right?

          bleh…..WG needs to get us something new for PC….


            1. Think they got some gameplay to fix first before going crazy with graphics.otherwise yeah PC-version of Wot feel so extremly held back. unfunny amount of limitation


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