HD armor changes : SU-100M1‏

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19 thoughts on “HD armor changes : SU-100M1‏

  1. It is always funnie how these russian tenks get armor buffs when becoming HD. And It is also funn that they get buffed armor in places which are alreaddy prone to RNG. That 130mm spot is half the size of the alrreaddy small lower plate…funnie init?


    1. Ok. In last patches a lot of non russian tanks got armor buffs and that´s normal. In patch 9.15.1 will get M103, T57 Heavy, 113 and maybe something else non russian tanks some buffs. I really don´t understand that complaining about Russian tanks. Russian bias here, there.. everywhere… pls stop crying. I really dont think that, russians are OP. They have probably most shittiest guns ever. For skilled players are Russian tanks useless. And this SU-100M1, for me it´s slightly nerf, not buff. You guys who complaining about russian tanks must have every night bad dreams with Putin, Stalin…. Look at each tiers. Tier 5- KV-1= noob friendly tank with good armor but slugish mobility. For skilled players is T1 heavy much better tank. Tier 6- Kv-85= good gun and mobility, thats all. T-150- Armor sometimes can carry, and good alpha dmg, but horrible gun handling,horrible view rang and more. Tier 7- IS and KV-3, KV3- good tank only on top tier, thats all. IS- good mobilty, armor carry only if its top,and compare to beast T29 or Tiger I dpm?? .. no comment. Tier 8- There is point , where is IS-3 most op heavy tank per tier. ISU-152 is also slightly op with 286 pene and 750 alpha, Tier 9- T-10 is fast tank with good gun but with not gun deppresion and poor health pool. ST-I well armored tank, but that armor is not troll like on IS- series tanks. Who know weakpoints is ST-I good penetrable tank. And gun handling? no comment, speed also…., T-54 with heat ammo its OP, but only with heat, vice versa with 201 pene useless shit. For example, Conqeror have got nice turret armor buff in 9.9 and Conq can easily beat russian heavies. Tier 10. Obj 268- after a lot of nerfs its one of the shittiest td´s, Obj 263 is well armored and mobilty fast shooter, but arta can you one shoot. Russian meds- I think, OP med from russian meds is only T-22, Obj. 140 and maybe Obj. 907, – Obj 430 and T-62A are normal.(I have 300 more average dmg per battle with M48 then on T-62A, what is OP here?. IS-7 if it´s enemy tank, is very hard to pen them, but if u drive IS-7, you play with most shitty gun on tier 10 is horrible. IS-4 is normal, for someone underpowered. For example look at T110E5, it is normal? its tier 11 tank… My result, A lot of USSR tanks are overstated, not overpowered. OP USSR high tier tanks are= IS-3, ISU-152, Obj. 140, T-22sr, Obj. 907, T-54… This is only russian phobia nothing more. And i forgot some French and American UFO balanced autoloaders with potencial dmg 1500+ for one clip…. Sorry for poor english, but i think you understand a lot…



        1. Sorry, but post-buff, the Challenger is far from being junk. Play it like a Comet with a damaged turret ring but a better gun to compensate (post-buff, it has higher DPM than the Comet! combined with the better accuracy/aim time/etc.). Ridiculously fun to play as a dual-purpose tank, either serving as a fantastic long-range sniper or a pocket medium.


            1. That’s IF you get spotted. And even then, the Comet’s turret isn’t much thicker after the HD model rework (most of the mantlet now has an armor hole behind it).

              Additionally, it’s JUST enough armor (save for the view bar/roof, which shouldn’t’ve been modelled as armor IMO, but… whatever) to block most HE shells fired at the tank, so it serves its purpose.


              1. And you never get spotted because the camo is great! Oh, wait.
                KV-2 HE pen 54mm > Challenger turret armour 50mm
                And since you are fixated on Comet;
                Comet turret armour 101+ > Challenger turret armour 50mm at most
                Comets turret also happens to be a lot smaller, turns(3x) faster and has better depression(12).
                And I got shot by AP mostly anyway.

                But whatever floats your boat as they say.
                I like having fun instead of Challenger.


                1. Yeah, to be fair, the Comet is a rather good medium tank, even with the HD turret nerfs. I personally prefer the Challenger, and find that I have quite a lot of fun playing it despite its setbacks (lol @ setting an O-I on fire from the Himmelsdorf hill twice in a row), but… it isn’t for everyone. :)


                  1. We agreed that it is okay to think differently and like different things?
                    What is this sorcery?!?! ;) GLHChallenger ;P
                    Jokes aside most(?) of us have tanks that we like even thought they are not competitive.

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      1. Nothing against them at 7+ IMO.
        But youre talking nonsense about tier 5 and 6 heavies, they all have absurd guns, bearable armor, and are fast enough to do a lot (cant remember T-150 speed though*).
        KV-1, KV-122 (85*), and T-150 are the best in tier.


      2. What a joke.

        ST 1 has 20 less HP then E75….small HP pool……ha good joke. Too bad u cant say, ST 1 will have best tier 9 HT turret, after HD, u gonna see. Hes LFP is way better then WZ 111-1-4, and gun is better then 12.8 of E75, VK, and 140 Type.

        ISU has tier 10 pen, on tier 8, and its joke, tier 6 can see it. This gun wont bounce nothing at tier 6 and 7, if this is not auto-bounce.

        M103 get buff, after 15 patches…, and still weakspot on top of turret, weak lfp, way more weakspot then ST 1, or T-10.

        T57 get same buff, as amb 50 b get, but good player will pen it with tier 9 and 10 guns, like they did. 113 get turret front buff, but nerf to hatches, and still lfp will be easy to pen. For me this armor buff to 113 is joke, cuz WG did get this 290 front from deeps of ass of some devs.

        Conq get nerf to hull armor, and it’s big one. Yes turret get buff, same as IS 3, or IS 7. IS 7 turret buff, 270 mm armor, make it no pen by tier 10 TD AP, and in SD u could do it..IS 4 turret roof weakspot is smaller, so its big buff. And if I see it good, most russian turret are OP, cuz cant be pen in front, not like German ones, so who is fuck up in HD ? 268 is still better then Foch 155, or FV4005.

        T62a is broken med, that turret is better then most HT./….yes ballanced, as E50m 185 flat front of turret!!!!!

        IS 4 is second best armored tank on tier 10. He’s armor is insane, he can take a lot of hit into overbuffed turret, plus u have unhistorical armor on many soviet tanks in HD. Exmaple, IS 4 side is only 200mm on turret in reality, in game u have 230 in front, and 200 in back. IS 7 has 30 side armor from ass, plus turret should be 240, not 270 as is now in game. IS 3 still have 700 HP engine…why?

        AMX 50 b is tank, that have no armor for good player, and T57 was fucked by nerf…..so thye are not OP ,as u think they are.

        And btw, I dont see that Maus get buff to turret, hes cheeks should be way stronger, cuz right behind frontal plate, u have massive 21 cm side plate, but who cares. E100 is with Type 5 and Maus HT that can be penned easy into turret, Russians not….so no bias. E100 did not get hes planned top speed, cuz game ballance, IS 7 can have…for reasons.

        And many of top Soviet tank, don’t have so weak turrets, as Germans…but who cares about ballance.


        1. Health pool about T-10 not ST-I. Yes ST-I has better armor then M103, but thats all. M103 has better gun, mobility.. And in 9.15.1 will get good armor but iam happy because M103 was my favourite tank. IS-7 unpenetrable turret and so? Play you ever this tank? Shit terrain resastance, shit gun(only tomatoes can snapshoting) with no gold pen , Tell me something about E5 , T-29… German tanks are easy to pen with gold due to they flat armor. Russian tanks have sloped armor this is the result.Go to visit old russian engineers and ask them why they suggested sloped armored vehicles. T-62A absolutly paper hull armor and great -5 gun dep., which make it beast hulldown tank :D . Yea i dont tell these tanks need buff omg no :D i just say they are not overpowered. I prefer British and American tanks more than Soviet and German tanks recently. In my eyes are op russian tanks: IS-3, ISU-152, T-54(only with heat) , Obj. 140, T-22sr, Obj. 907. ) thats all.. Its easy to say”aaah i cant pen IS-7 aah need nerf..) but why elite streamers dont drive it? Why? Because there are better dmg dealers than is-7 (FV-215b, E5) :D with my M103 and Conqueror i have better avg. dmg per battle :D than on IS-7. This is only notorious crying about USSR tanks… Go play Armored Warfare..


          1. Nice, u are idiot.

            T-10 has 50 HP less then M103…..omg, u have so small HP pool….And in case u dont know, 122 is bigger gun thne 120 in Wot, so stats are worse in some case, but soft stats on T-10 on gun are way better then on m103, and m103 get 0.36 acc where T-10 0.37….u are so much better. And M103 is crap hulldown tank, cuz of weakspot, and auto pen area on turret.

            If u cant work with IS7 gun, u cant play this game, and saying this on forum, wont make u better player. 303 APCR pen is as fine, as 331, why ? Cuz IS 7 is C&C tank, that dont snipe, and gun work fine. T29 is broken tank, why ? Well cuz he has same aim time, as T32 on same gun, and its supid. But 122 Russians can autopen hius turret, too bad u dont know that.

            If u play T62 a way u do get shoot into hull, l2p.

            I dont give a fuck, what u “pro” prefer, who carse. U are just annoying.

            Funny, I dont see so many streamers on sandbox, where u cant spam full gold, all day long. And, funny is, they dont do so well. If they cant work with Maus 246 AP pen, they gonna cry that tank is shit, cuz u need to aim. U are bad IS 7 driver, i dont give a(…)


            1. Oh maan, i have recently 3400 wn8, but yes i am noob player, russian tanks are op, need nerf armor and pen -50, i am monkey and sub human and u are king,,,,,, why you attacked me and called me idiot? why? i didn´t use rude words at you… Explain me your idea about USSR tanks, I am curious. What would you do with them ? ;)


              1. Mine idea of russian tanks ? Same as where from game begining. Close combat, browlers, and I dont say nerf them, no…I say, buff those witch lacks.

                Example, IS 3 is so powerfull cuz of pen on 122 BL 9 gun. Tiger 2, weak armor, good acc, same pen, lower alpfa. Tank lack pen advantage over IS 3, and mobility.

                IS 3 takes all from tier 8, and only lack in gun dep, and acc. Aim time is long, but feel good.

                If u look how they buff tanks, in HD most German tank don’t get so good changes in armor, as Soviet do.

                Look for more, IS 6 armor buff in HD is far better then WZ 111. Tanks with same guns, one is far better…It’s pointless to play game.

                Maus trades all for armor, still have one of worst turret frontaly in game, on tier 10. Cant do dmg, wont earn EXP. And if Maus angle turret, well u wont do dmg. IS 4, IS 7, E5, Type 5, FV 215 dont need to…

                If Germans have to be snipers, give them all pen for 90 degree angle, from pen tables, like WG did for Soviet, British, US etc.

                Sherman 76 mm use 50% pen criteria, for 90 degree plate, where 75 kwk L48 use 30 degree plate, and we all know, that PZ 4 has worse pen. US have same 90 plate pen table for PZ 4, but dont use it, why >?

                Point is, that most German tank are over tiered, and WG did not buff them guns, to 90 degree plate pen, to make them true snipers.

                As long, as there where 4 nation, all have strong point. Soviet good frontal armor, big alpha guns, in acc. Germans snipers, and support. French pure dmg on clip, weak armor, low HP ,fast. US good hull down tank, and gun dep, guns ok. Now most Nation can sniper, and Germans acc is pure joke. Who gonna play Tiger 2, if most map are C&C combat, where sniping is not option?


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