KongZhong: WG’s Certified Fake Tanks Provider

This is a mail recieved from mainland China (yep, the People’s Republic). Translated with the crucial help of Urakaze. In it, you can see that all the bad rumors about KZ were true:

Dear TAP Readers,
Hello, I am a Chinese student currently in primary education, I study English and German in school. My father was a tank mechanic when he was young (Though now he is a lecturer of cloud computing in a university), that’s why I got into World of Tanks.
KongZhong is in fact a completely independent company with no ties to WG. However, due to the strict laws imposed by the Chinese Government, WG must find a potent local game company to part with in order to enter the Chinese market, as a result, they chose KongZhong.
Duowan (Website) is a real-time voice and video streaming company that created YY (TN: YY is a popular streaming network in China that has over 300 million users), as well as a famous company in China for making up fake game news.
The two companies took part and created the infamous Tier 10 Light Tank incident back in January, with news spreading across the the whole playerbase of WoT (TN:Details here), only for it to be proved as fake three days later.
However, things are a bit different this time around, as the surging nationalism is spreading among the WoT playerbase in China, KongZhong decided to create a fictional Chinese TD line together with Duowan , the whole line, from tier 2 to tier 10, is completely fake, one major example is that China had no capability of manufacturing a 152mm anti-tank cannon, let alone mounting it on a tank destroyer. (TN: The tier 10 has a 152mm gun)
According to my father’s friend, the line from tier 2 to tier 6 will consist of hideous anti-tank vehicles, with casemate-style TDs based on medium and heavy tank chassis beginning from tier 7. KongZhong and Duowan recruited players who were good at industrial designs and had them design the tanks you see in the screenshots, with the sole aim of achieving their own commercial goals. I wonder is it correct that a game service provider implement their own fantasy tanks as one pleases into a game that has such a wide playerbase from around the world. My father’s friend is already discussing whether the implementation of this fictional line will damage WG’s reputation and become a laughing stock in the game community.
As I am still a minor, I wish the older players can communicate with WG. I hope to see a simple world, not commercial conspiracies.
Von Bloom

49 thoughts on “KongZhong: WG’s Certified Fake Tanks Provider

  1. “My father’s friend is already discussing whether the implementation of this fictional line will damage WG’s reputation and become a laughing stock in the game community.”

    Nope. People know that WoT China stuff is stuff of fantasies and legends – Type 59 Gold – that alone speaks what the hell is going on there.

    And WG itself has its reputation set in stone – goddamn drunk ruskies with no idea how to make game great again but still WoT is best tank game.

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    1. Like to add something: WG were doing this shit for years now.

      T28 Prototype – the only picture of an IDEA and its completely different than in-game.
      T25 AT.
      Fucking WTF100.
      Chinese line is also suspicious as hell.

      Dont bash Konzhong for fakes while WG did the same and put them in-game 😀

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            1. It’s a common fact of TAP that me, the one and only Sgt_Zephyr wants the 59-Patton.
              You think it has a tumor. I say it has a wonderful spotting device.
              Only people who don’t understand its playstyle will say that it’s bad. 😛

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      1. Pretty sure the T25 AT atleast had a mock-up built (even if it looks like an M6 TD).
        T25/2 is the fake. Why put an open top 90mm turret, on a chassis that could hold the fully armored version?


      2. T-34-1 fake.
        T-34-2 fake
        121 might be a fake (121 B is more realistic)
        110 fake
        112 sort of fake (the hull is 113’s, and that’s a real one. The turret position is dubious though)

        Although I do want a TD and an arty branch for China, I don’t want fake ones.


  2. Oh, what a surprise. It was a fake. It was a fake all along.
    I don’t even know why i should react to these fake Chinese craps anymore.
    Hmm. Maybe if the whole of China was nuclearly bombed before they could react. That would teach them a lession!
    (Yes, I’m super angry now thanks to IRL shit.)


  3. Strict laws are not big problem.China have some good company to be a partner(like Netease with Blizzard),or normal partner(like Tencent).Kongzhong really sucks..yes,it provides us some good stuff,but you cant feel that they are not sincere in the least.cheap premium tanks,cheap gold,selling supertest tanks,they will draining your wallet‘s every penny, and, you will not feeling that they worth it.oh,they also make lottery,and cheat players with gif.holy crap.

    what I want to say is that China is not bad in your mind,but Kongzhong is a black sheep.

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    1. “Tencent” Seriously? It’s even worse than Kongzhong. If Tencent was WG’s partner, there would be “crystal blue edition”, “diamond edition”, “depleted Uranium armor”, “2-plane stablized FCS” and such in store, the whole game would be just p2w.

      I’m not against selling supertest tanks, but Kongzhong really messed their shit up when they just sell gold at 20% of their original price.

      But Netease is OK.

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  4. besides,Duowan sucks too.Duowan made a WoTBox,which contains cheat or illegal mods.They wont change unless get punished(like Blizzard baned thousands of accounts because players use the Diablo Box(yes,made by Duowan) or Tencent forced LoLBox(league of legend) to remove the funtion of infinte visual range).
    Kongzhong and Duowan both are ruffian. we have nothing to do besides watching they act indecently.


    1. China the Capitalism to the Max – where money buys everything.
      WG also dont care about those cheats – not their server 😀


      1. And there’s a rumor says Kongzhong’s CEO have cancer with his balls.i believe there’s a huge group of players hope illness will beat him.


        1. Havent history ever told humans anything?
          Hope is the mother of fools and there’s no evil that cant turn worse 😀


  5. Even though the TD is kinda strange-looking, I would want it in the game. WG is concentrating more on the gameplay right now and not that much on historicity… They should make a pool on the forum where you can vote if you want the tanks to be implemented or not…

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  6. Considering how the Chinese server operates and like the Console can just take tank designs form the server to do anything they want with. Anything coming form it should be taken with a huge grain of salt. As 90% of the stuff they do, even if it was genuine, will never make it to other WG run servers anyway. There is a reason why they got the WZ-111 in a broken state 3 years before we did. They found it on the dev server and simply just added it.


  7. afaik wot is even less historical than wows with most of tanks having guns which they historically didn’t have and stuff; oh, let’s not forget the glorious chekhoslovacian tanks

    a whole imaginary line is over the top though imo, unless they can find sikrit paper projects of those td or something

    also it’s a surprise to me, afaik anshan wasn’t that popular among chinese in china (she is pretty popular on na simply for her gameplay qualities), they swooned over ijn ships, and now they want a whole td line for themselves


    1. There’s a difference between a howitzer and a anti-tank cannon. A howitzer has a much lower muzzle velocity compared to the at gun. It fires he or heat rather than ap or apcr. That and at guns are normally made of a better steel as they are normally designed to have a higher RoF which means the barrel will stay hotter for longer. Just saying

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    2. Pretty much what Loch said, apart from having higher RoF than howitzers, AT guns are designed to have a higher initial velocity than howitzers, which places higher stress on the gun barrel, hence requiring tougher steel to cope with it.

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    3. They mean a much more modern design of the 152mms gun, you wouldn’t say the 155mm gun on modern spg is the one on the Foch 155


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