Tier 10 light tanks in WoT

Storm admitted on the Sandbox forum that Tier 10 lights will appear in-game and that they will have a place in the new balance system.


10 thoughts on “Tier 10 light tanks in WoT

  1. Oh, nice! I hope they decide to bump the regular scouts up by one tier with this (adjusting their stats a little to match, obviously)… I feel like that’d be the most intuitive option for them at the moment, considering:
    – It’d reduce newbie confusion about scout matchmaking (and just make more sense).
    – It’d fix the platoon bonus issues without having to add a modifier for LTs.
    – Instead of having to implement both a new tier 9 AND 10 scout for each line, they would only have to worry about a tier 10 one, for which there are a good set of options.
    – If necessary, finding a tier 4-5 scout (to fill in the gap created by bumping scouts up a tier) is significantly easier than a high-tier LT candidate.
    – As an added bonus, to make them more competitive tier-for-tier, a hitpoint (and possibly a firepower) buff would be better justified than it is now (even though the buff is already somewhat needed, since LTs generally have the worst survivability besides SPGs).


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