Sandbox Server is Online!

Yep, you can play it now.

Interesting info:

-You cannot buy gold ammo with credits

-Lorraine 40t is replaced with the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP.

– Nerf of shell dispresion;

– Increase of penetration loss over distance, HEAT will be needed to penetrate over bigger distances;

– Rebalance of tanks according to assigned roles, artillery is now a support class;


28 thoughts on “Sandbox Server is Online!

    1. I know the good old days cannot come back, but just reading this made me happy.
      With the nerfs to the gold ammo, we can expect the spam lessen. No?

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      1. Because we definetely need our shells to fly even farther from the target.
        (IS-3A owner)

        I’d rather to see more accurate guns “à la AW” than having a crapload of tanks with dispersion circle as large as the moon.Too RNG dependant. :/

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      2. Wow, another stupid change. Nerf premium ammo and nerf shell dispersion so you can’t even hit weakspots reliably. Again, I know they are only testing this, but every non retarded person should know more RNG won’t help the game and is not even worth testing.


  1. Just got on to the sandbox server.
    Oddities for this iteration;

    1. Cannot buy tier 9 tanks presently
    2. No object 263, only the 268 is available.
    3. French – no tier VIII light tank (should be amx 13 90) (other nations have their tier VIII light)
    4. No French tier X td, should be amx 50 Foch (155)
    5. No British tier X heavy tank (FV215b gone)
    6. No tier X reward tanks, only ones available via research.


    1. Seems like they left the Foch out since it’s still in the process of having its gun changed (they gave it a 120 auto, but forgot to change the reload/etc so it had ~1.4k DPM). Also, this test is only for tier 10 regular tanks and LT8s, so tier 9s aren’t currently available to purchase. It does seem weird that the 13 90, Object 263, and FV215b are missing, though… I’d guess the 215b is missing since it’s going to be replaced soon™.


      1. If Tier X light tanks will be implemented then they will change the 13 90 into a Tier IX tank.

        Object 263 missing: Could this mean that they will change it into that turreted 268 TD?


        1. Part of me wishes this was the case, but it wouldn’t really make sense as the end-game tank for that line, especially considering how the tanks leading up to it all have good mobility, but no turret. I’m guessing the 268 TD is probably going to either be another CW reward or (hopefully) a third tier 10 with a mini-branch leading to it (maybe from tier 5 with the U-20 [posted a while ago on The Armored Patrol]?).


  2. Okey I read the official stats, so they are nerfing accuracy again. If they want to decrease fighting distance then what is the point of lower alpha accurate guns then? Wasnt the issue on the live server that accurate guns are not so valuable compared to the derpy shits like is3 has?

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  3. This is an experiment…don’t get too excited. However, if they do go with these changes I hope that WG balances this by bringing back the plant cover.


  4. They want to decrease the fighting distance significantly that is why they nerf accuracy and make armor more valuable. Or they want to increase premium spam since heat will be the only ammo significantly better (no pen loss over distance, same alpha and +300mm pen). This change will only increase prem spem.


  5. I saw the stream of sandbox ( I didn’t get invite, I bet WG was like MingLee). If it will look even remotely like this on live, then RIP World Of Tanks.


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