Tank Wars – WoT Card Game

I recieved a mail about this, so I decided to share it – the cards look pretty good.
Tank Wars is a highly strategic version of a World War II tank game. The main beauty of it, the versatility of its deck, allows you to not only play Tank Wars with different rule sets, but also any other card game that you would play with a conventional deck.

Some basics about the main game modes are as follows:
There are 4 nations in the game: 2 allied powers and 2 axis powers, with one side being the U.S.S.R and the U.S.A, and the other being Germany and Japan, respectively.
Each nation corresponds to a different suit of cards in our deck : Germany for clubs, etc.

U.S.A and U.S.S.R tanks
U.S.A and U.S.S.R tanks

A few modes can be played :
Historical mode: the U.S.S.R and the U.S.A fight against Germany and Japan as allies.
Random mode: Each nation gets its ally in a random order.
Free for all: Every nation fights for themselves.
All versus one(for real heroes): Three nations are teaming up against the fourth one.
If you want to sponsor the Kickstarter campaign and buy a deck of cards, check out this link: