Platoon adjustments in 9.15 & future work on the matchmaker

The patch 9.15 brought bonuses for playing with same tiered players in a platoon and penalties for big difference in tiers.
The developers now published the exact figures how the bonuses and penalties look like.
But, what’s more important, there is info about new balance of teams in randoms:
In the future, a switch to solely same-tiered platoons and the inability to enter battle with different tiers will be implemented. This will a llow to rework the system of team formation – the matchmaker. In contrast to the currently active system which forms teams depending on the current queue, the news system will be more oriented to equality of the opposing teams in terms of tiers and vehicle types. It is planned that the teams are oriented around a 3-5-7 system: 3 “top tier” tanks in the battle, 5 mid-tier tanks and 7 low tier tanks.
Such a system not only allows to solve the problem of inequality in teams, but also influences gameplay of random battles, allowing to realize the potential of each tank independently from its position in the team list. The new matchmaker will increase the influence of each part of the team list (“top”, mid- and low-tier) on the outcome of the battle.

Bonuses for games in a platoon – left hand side denotes the tier of the vehicles in the platoon, right hand side the bonus to XP in percent in a victory/defeat

Penalties for playing in a platoon – left hand side denotes the difference in tier, right hand side denotes the penalty in percent