Major Gaijin Fail: Illegal Modifications

So they are going to delete the videos showing the illegal mods and NOT do something about the illegal mods… Wow. Just wow. Guess I’ll post fewer WT news cause of this…

Watch for yourself.

15 thoughts on “Major Gaijin Fail: Illegal Modifications

  1. Gaijin is the worst gaming company I\’ve ever seen.

    They turned the potential jewel that is WT into that abomidable thing you find at the bottom of the shitter after a long night of drinking and eating tacos spliced with indian food.

    Cheating makes them look bad? Look no further than researchable repair kits and fire extinguishers on every.single.fucking.tank.

    The game would have tanked long ago if it didn\’t stroke the throbbing dick that is the Russian ego, by having T-34s utterly dominate Axis and Allied tanks alike.

    1. People should have seen this coming from a mile ago after they drove Star Conflict into the ground long before WT Ground Forces left the Beta.

  2. Wargaming has just got a powerful weapon. How will they use it?

    1. Wargaming doesn\’t care about Gaijin at this point. Gaijin is like a bug on the windshield to them.

      1. Well still, this could be a deathblow if properly used.

        BTW, remember the systematic shame campaign on WT by WG back then? Those were the days 😀

  3. This…This company make EA look angelic. Honestly don\’t know how they ever managed to stumble into what was once a good game(WT). And it aggravates me that I ever gave them money.

    1. Same. I might have gotten the gold M46 for -50% , but I still regret it.

  4. Having partook in the debate, i can tell you this is the most typical giajin thing, pretty much their decision making is odd and funnily enough the community voted to strike videos, rather than return markers to \”realistic battles\” but in the end Anton the CEO ended up scraping the pole

  5. Bwuahahahaha, that is pricelessly stupid of Gaijin. I think I just found a new well-paying occupation. Create a cheat-review, wait for the \”copyright\”-strike and then sue Gaijin for perjury.

  6. So basically they are doing a copyright strike with the intent to sensor the content? So if they do that to a big channel, they can fight back and have it removed as they can show they are allowed to show gameplay of it etc via their system. Smaller channels will be removed as they usually stand no chance. GJ. Thus you could say Gaijin is basically abusing the youtube system illegally in some aspects.

  7. I was lucky enough to see phly,s video of the cheat before it was removed, the cheater had no line of sight with his kills, shooting through a forest and two buildings to one shot an M103 in RB mode

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