12 thoughts on “The Unicum Guide to the E100

  1. Guide to E100 – press 2 at the start of the battle, angle, still get rekt by arta 😛

      1. sell any heavy, med, or td you have.

        buy arty

        aim at 90 degrees.

        hit enemy top armor

        watch every shot be a 1 shot

        1. Off topic question: am I seeing this right, your avatar is a pony?
          I bet Seb loves you! XD
          Right Seb?

      2. IS-7 is far from OP. Maybe for bad player because it\’s easy to play, in terms of it\’s max performance, it\’s kinda limited.

  2. I like this tank though I don\’t play it a lot…my fondest moment being easily getting HT15 for the T28 HTC done by sloughing off a full clip from a WTF 100 in a city fight.

  3. Heh, nice vid.
    I wonder how many retards tomato players will see it and use the advice. :/

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