7 thoughts on “WoWS – 1:42 Scale : Cruiser Kirov

  1. 0:40

    stopped watching there \”she incorporated the latest engineering achievements of the time\”

    Soviet Navy and \”latest engineering achievements of the time\” do not mix.
    as the soviet navy was crap to non existent.

    you can say \”latest soviet engineering achievements of the time\” but if you compare it with others in the world at that time. its several years behind the rest of the world.

    hell even Soviet Submarines, while still a threat, were behind. As soviets went for big submarines. but suffered plenty of technical problems that caused them to spend alot of time in port for repairs or resupply.

    compare this to the US submarines, who were smaller, but alot harder to detect. They operated out of port for longer periods of time and suffered much fewer technical problems(they had their fair share, but alot less than soviets)

    1. Latest svoiet engineering.avi of all best time at the time could nuke the ameriga and crush the reich side.

      1. *ctrl+alt+delete*
        Disable Process> Soviet BrainWashing.exe
        Enable Process> Bloody Common Sense.exe
        Error: Not installed in Soviet OS
        Control Override> Install Common Sense.exe
        Error: Soviet OS Insufficient Memory Space and Ram
        Control Override> Self Detonate Chernobyl

          1. oh joy. Soviet Customer Support. Prepare to be shot in the head for finding out Soviet Tech is flawed.

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