War Thunder Unofficial Patch Notes for May 15th 2016

By _mike10ed

Possible buff to low caliber guns on sloped armor “minCaliberForSlopeEffect:r=29.0”

Flaps can now be blocked if air brakes are extended

Road sign no smoking limited to only 1

P-51d-10, Yak-9m, A-13 mk2 1939, D-520, and Plagis’ Spitfire ix have been hidden unless bought


WW Mode update: Clan must choose a country to fight for and all members of the clan will be a part of that nation.

Chat categories:

  • Miscellaneous
  • Looking for a squad
  • Squadron recruitment
  • Game questions

A new survival game mode.

  • 25 waves
  • 1 minute between waves
  • Currently has 1 objective: protect the artillery

Embedded Browser for online shop has been moved to Release Candidate

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  1. How do we attract people back to WT? Make them protect the artillery! 😀

      1. The video should be at 3:58, but wordpress decided to embed it and remove the starting point. Damn you wordpress for ruining my memes :\'(

        1. So bad. Man, thats too soft to say 😀

          Motherfucking piece of shitface autistic fucktards Gaijinbot.

          There, bettur 😀

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