Wanna buy the 112?

Today I got an e-mail from Manfred257, and I thought that it would be nice to have a player’s opinion about the 112 just in case you want to buy it. It’s Sunday and there is not too much stuff to post anyway.

„Hello Armored Patrol!

Just saw your post about the 112 so this is going to be an opinion email.
I bought it as a crew trainer since I wanted both the 110 and 113 in my garage. (110 will be mine soon)

I also have the T-34-3, which I absolutely love. 

But, the 112:  in its current form, it is obsolete-ish compared to the IS-6 and IS-3A. Or to be more precise, its weakspots are too obvious, terribly armored and not as well hidden as on the two tanks mentioned above. 
I bought it and soon after that, WG announced the buff of the IS-6. HD, c**p…. and then came the IS-3A…

Well, it is quite hard, to handle one of those in a 112 due to the obvious and easily accessible weakspots and to the penetration.

Now WG announced it is gonna be removed from the shop, while I am eagerly waiting for the HD model, with hopes that it might improve its LFP. Right now, a T5 gun is a potential danger to that T8 HT which is pathetic, unless hull down.

I wonder if the improvement to the frontal fuel tank will do any good. The tank is like a rolling torch, ready to burst in flames.

However it is still capable to provide games like this:

All in all, the 112 is okay if facing Tiers 7,5’s (<–seven and a half’s), but above that, the player has to be very careful, since the bad decisions made in a 112 during a battle will result in a lot of HP lost. Right now, that T8 heavy is one of the easiest premiums to be ripped apart by two or more lower tier tanks. All the Soviet counterparts beat it in survivability.

I still like it a lot. It gets underrated many times and that is when it starts to shine. 😉 It is not good for spearhead tactics like an IS-6…  Being careful in it is very important. This is annoying…. Somehow reduces the feeling of a heavy tank for me. 

It’s not a bad tank, but it should be a bit better to be Good. ”

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  1. Sorry to ask this in a unrelated post but Seb, you hunt the forums right?

    Any news on the sandbox test? Things like date of application, requirements, size, etc.

      1. Was under the impression that you translated news/ Q&A\’s from the RU forums yourself. My mistake.

        On a different note, any hints on the new nation that is rumored to come this year?

          1. Whats the point of the sandbox? Something better than test server?

          2. Yeah, the french heavies that actually have armor. A Russian acquaintance from a befriended clan send me a link recently and claimed that they were shelved until 2017. (I can\’t read Russian so I wasn\’t able to verify the source). I can try to dig up the link if you want, however I doubt you or one of your sources hasn\’t seen it already.

            Anyway, thanks for your time Seb. SS rarely took the time to respond back when FTR was still running and \”superstar\” Rita\’s answers are about as useful as a fork in a sugarbowl.

            1. I will give you a more detailed answer, cause the previous one was quite cloudy.

              So even if I do not check the forums, I don\’t do it because there is no good stuff there – all the info comes from Russian sites that look on the forums – and on WoWS there is Carnotzet, which is the only resource we need.

              Needless to say, WoT devs answer a lot less than in the past.

              WG has plans for Chinese ships too, as they wrote themselves.

              I place my bet on the Brits, but Extra German branches to come too.

              Read these articles please.



              Hope it is all right.

              1. To clarify – Vlad translates WoT q&as (I do not speak Russian, sorry) that thse Russian sources repost – they gather them from the forums and other places. There is also a nice rivalry between them which helps a lot.

                1. Hope that helps ^^

                  BTW I try to read every comment you guys leave here. I listen even to my critics and I do not censor any comments myself. Instead, I argue with my haters.

                  1. Fug how am I supposed to reply to this, it\’s almost like a personal Q&A.


                    1st reply: clarification appreciated. Now I was going to comment about your little spy on the inside but I have a more urgent question: How long did you whip the guy willing to read the WG magazine?

                    2nd reply: Rivalry is always one of the factors that can make someone go beyond his limit. Managers within most companies use this to their advantage by promising a raise or a promotion to the best performing employee. This causes all employees to see each other as potential rivals thus making them wortk that little bit harder. Sorry, keep getting sidetracked.

                    3rd reply: That is the attitude you need around here. Most people say you need to ignore or censor the haters but that is not the way to go; if someone discredits your work and you censor him, you prove him right. If you ignore him and don\’t bother to counter his argument, more people will copy his argument and you will start to see a divided toxic comment section (see late SS and any of rita\’s posts).

                    In any case, you might be able to surpass the old FTR if you keep this up. Your articles are very good, you have active reliable sources, you\’re not attention hungry, you\’re not nearly as salty as SS used to be AND you actually post as soon as news comes out.

                    1. In case you reply to this, write it in a separate comment please.

                      Haha, found the magazine quote somewhere else (on a forum thread). My spy is not that active anymore.

                      I\’m a pretty authoritarian figure but I still think that people have the right to complain and suggest stuff in order to improve the blog.

                      In the first days of TAP, I was really arrogant and got massive downvotes. But I am a stubborn person and I learnt from my mistakes! I just post now, and try to respect any competition but outsmart them.

                      I just try to make a blog the way I wanted Rita\’s blog to be. That is why I started TAP – I was annoyed about days with only 1 or 2 articles.

                      Thanks for the compliment, but I can do better. Summer is usually the pinnacle of TAP quality, and May is the busiest month with plenty of projects and major exams. So yes. I try to keep TAP a top-notch source and people keep coming here.

  2. 112 is really easy to fix imo (beyond removing the frontal torch). Either improve gun-handling drastically or improve gun-handling noticibly and make it a lot quicker. The later way of balancing it, would be more in line with the other heavies of the branch and especially the 113, so I\’d prefer that. Increasing the armor, only makes it a weaker IS-6 or, of overbuffed, just another IS-6 and nobody really needs that.
    Oh and it ain\’t just the lower plate or the relatively easy to hit cupolas. The gun-mantlet has a lot of weak-spots as well, so just fuxing the lower frontal plate, would do a big fat round of nothing.

  3. I actually like my 112, it is definitely different playstyle. It has good peek a boom angles to the front since it doesn\’t have those hull cheeks

  4. If they give the 130mm gun with lower RoF then 111/1-4, and remove pref MM….that\’s problem solved

  5. @Seb

    \”I’m a pretty authoritarian figure but I still think that people have the right to complain and suggest stuff in order to improve the blog.\”

    Haters will always keep you down but critisism is your friend.
    Criticism is like exercise. Sometimes it\’s difficult and you don\’t like it, but it makes you stronger. Invite criticism, confront it, find the value in it, and make it your friend and ally! (shameless copy paste)

    \”Thanks for the compliment, but I can do better.\”

    There\’s always room for improvement, that\’s the price of creating something.
    But from what I\’ve read you have the trait of constantly wanting to improve. Which is good, but try not to overextent. I have seen people create awesome things, only to see them burn-out over it because of perfectionism and a constant strive for improvement.

    Try to keep relaxed and most of all have fun making this blog. Don\’t make the same mistake as SS, as soon as it feels like a job or a chore, take a break. Especially if it\’s cucumber time.

    1. To add, I have been considering writing some historical articles myself.
      Thanks to my university I have access to a online database containing hundreds of documents on tank development(some are even 60 years old!).

      Now, if I were to write an article based on one of these documents, and it isn\’t shit, would you be willing to put it up on TAP?

      1. What documents do you have in mind? Almost done with my BMPT article that may be posted tomorrow or the day after. Man, I wish I had access to a University\’s database.

        1. I\’m still orienting on the different documents. I have found some interesting ones about modern armament and ammunition, radio development in WW2, tank development in WW2 and I found a book on the M1 Abrams.

          About the database; I pay for it but barely use it. Writing articles would allow me to use it and entertain other people with it as well. There are some really interesting documents and articles on there though.

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