Q&A #2 – 2nd May 2016

Thanks to Vlad.

More from Anton Pankov (Evily):

 – we’re thinking of the possibility to rent tanks for a short while, especially premium ones;
– regarding Czechs: there are many questions, they will probably be balanced together with the upcoming global rebalance;
– there will be a system of rewarding alpha and beta testers, even unique ones, but it will take a while;
– everything regarding global rebalance will happen in the summer;
– the M4A3E8 Fury was made together with Sony Pictures, who has the rights on it, so it won’t come again soon;
– IS-5 will only be available for clan activities;
– there are many ideas for artillery, including smokescreens;


On consoles, exclusively for the PS4, the T-50-2 will be implemented. Yes, you read that right, the tank will come as a premium and have an updated model.