Supertest: Complete Buffs/Nerfs

For all of you who were 404’d on the WoT website, I got you covered.

Ah, and source:


WoT 59-Patton 9.15


Skoda T 40 rebalanced 9.15


Achilles rebalanced 9.15

Challenger rebalanced 9.15


A-32 rebalanced 9.15

T-54 ltwt. rebalanced 9.15

T-22 med. rebalanced 9.15


Pz. Kpfw. V/IV Alpha rebalanced 9.15

Kanonenjagdpanzer rebalanced 9.15


M56 Scorpion reablanced 9.15

T95E2 rebalanced 9.15

T95E6 rebalanced 9.15


Type 91 Heavy rebalanced 9.15

Type 95 Heavy rebalanced 9.15

O-I Experimental rebalanced 9.15

O-I rebalanced 9.15

Heavy Tank No. VI rebalanced 9.15

STA-2 rebalanced 9.15




28 thoughts on “Supertest: Complete Buffs/Nerfs

      1. I wouldn’t say it’s perfectly fine. It should have 8 degrees of gundepression allround and a 2,3 second aimtime. Then it would be perfectly fine. Now it has nothing to go for, except crewtraining.


  1. @Appletank,
    I take it your first language is not English (at least I hope so) as it is plainly written: Penetration of pzgr 39 shell for the 8.8cm Kw.K L56 changed from 132 to 145mm on the Heavy tank No VI description, That is the short barrelled one found on the historical tiger (because Heavy Tank NO VI is an historical Tiger),
    Although remember that is for the ‘supertest’ and not the actual test server.
    I’m sure the numbers will change, personally I think 145 is a bit OP. 136 – 140 would be more balanced.


    1. “”Iโ€™m sure the numbers will change, personally I think 145 is a bit OP. 136 โ€“ 140 would be more balanced.””

      What a bullshit. Sorry.


    2. Have you ever played one the german tanks with short 88s? Their penetration is absolutely lackluster, even at T6. This buff is totally reasonable and IMO it should even be buffed a bit more.


    1. Well now it has high penetration, still lowest out of all Tier 8 TDs but it is a premium. And now it has best in class aim time.


      1. That aim time means precious little when the aiming circle is already the size of a barn if you so much as twitch. In a tinfoil tank like that you don’t have the luxury to remain exposed for 1.8 seconds, pray for the still low-ish pen to work, then realize that your alpha didn’t do anything, and that your DPM is still trash. Camo abuse really isn’t reliable either with the terrible after-fire values. It would work as a flanker/unturreted light, but the bloom kills it.


  2. Because Tiger I is my favorite tank, I was considering to by Jap Tiger, but was turned down because of full MM, and low pen so I didn’t bought it on discount… Now I have to wait for another … DAMN


  3. I would like to know the reason why the Pz.Kpfw. V/IV will be buffed so heavily, while it becomes a Tier 5 with SMM what makes him see Tier6 at max.

    This tank becomes much better than the lately released Tier5 Premiums like Turan, M4, but also can have a limited MM?

    Whats wrong here?


  4. Overall good news. I wonder though of the buff for the Kanonenjagdpanzer is actually enough, because nerfing the dispersion on hull traverse makes him again more vulnerable again.
    I still have my doubts that you will be able to actually pump out his DPM but rather suggest to fire and relocate or hide back instead…
    will have to test…
    personally I found the Rammer on the KaJaPz to be useless but rather suggest the gun laying drive plus camo/binos or venti/optics depending if you play him more passive vs active
    still with the 2 buffs now he received (this is not the first one, but many players missed that he got buffed already once) its still a tough vehicle to master. I like challenges though and give a sh… on the WN8
    Does anybody know how the shell velocity changed for him?

    Good to see that the 88 KwK L56 got buffed too, have to try the Jap Tiger again now, might feel more historic now than the Tiger I in WoT ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. or venti camo binos is also viable passive option ๐Ÿ˜‰ making good use of brother in arms instead, makes for a real good accurate sniper (if the shell velocity was increased significantly)


  5. The Type 91 got buffed too ๐Ÿ™‚ ? It did not feel it was underpowered. I remember that I managed to Master it right with the first battle in it and not even having a highly skilled crew.

    The Type95 Heavy is a running piece of rusty old scrap metal and if I look at the buff, it still is :p

    But I wholeheartly agree with the OI nerfs ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. That moment you realize the A-32 has now more pen than the old Tier 5 prem tanks (T14, Excelsior.. and especially Matilda IV!)

    1) Finally buffing it after 5 years. lol
    I hope it will be on sales for a reasonnable price. ๐Ÿ˜€

    2) Matilda IV deserves the same pen buff.. I suppose the will change it when will come the HD model (because armor will probably be nerfed like on regular Matilda)

    3) Did devs ever talked about buffing the 76mm or not (the one on M3 Lee, T14, M4 Imp)

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  7. I mean from 185mm to 212mm pen on the sta-2 is quite a big differance to be fair. Yet we have reguler tier 8 MTs with 200mm pen or less. Over 210mm AP on a tier 8 MT is game changing on tier 8 as well as on tier 9 and maybe tier 10 since it reduce the need for gold alot when facing HTs frontaly. It is kinda absured that tanks like vk45a and t32 has 200 and 198mm AP pen being HTs that generaly should not have to flank what so ever.

    I dont know if this is a part of the on going “global balance”, but they buffed the pen too much on some tenks I think. Also from 212 to 238mm on the kanonenjagdpanzer is quite a increase in penentration being a premium TD.

    What is the reason a tier 8 MT like the sta-2 should have 212mm pen and the panther II 203mm for example? Both the size, mobility and gun handling is worse on the panther II so in theory it should have more pen since its flanking abilities are lower compared to other tanks.


  8. I wish the STA-2 got a further dpm buff instead of the pen buff. I liked it the way it was. At least it was a bit different to the other tier 8 prem meds. Now it just seems like another mutz, cdc or fv4202 (p).
    Also it was a good preparation for the tier 9 and 10 of the jap medium line, known for their unreliable guns with great dpm.

    Also it played a bit like a tier 8 comet wich i liked. Not it just feels so samey.


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