Kazna Kru: WG will limit mods

On Kazna Kru (WoT Esports team)’s FB page, you can see this:

Breaking News!
Wargaming will introduce a special key for the mods. By doing that, they want to disable all the illegal mods that are now active. All the legal mods will get that special key and/or will be incorporated into the game!
What do you think about this solution? Will it work and stop the cheaters?

(Thanks to Duke for sharing)

I honestly do not know what to think about it. I just hope that XVM, Battle Assistant and Smooth Zoom will remain, together with Gnomefather’s Engines Sound Mod (which is dead 🙁 ). Hm. Another one I like is Milkym4n’s Icon Contour mod. What are your favorites?