Q&A – 6th April 2016

– physics will now actively be optimized and finalized, based on 9.14 feedback;
– players feel that HE splash of high-caliber rounds increased after introduction of physics – physics have no effect on HE mechanics;
– no confirmation on LT winrate drops, rather the opposite is the case; mean winrate stayed the same (changes at about 0,1%), but travelled distance increased by 3-5%, mean spotting damage and mean XP increased too;
–  9.15 will contain some personal mission changes;
– no confirmation of weaker mantlets on Tiger tanks;
– even if the Swedish Strv 103 will come into the game, it would require new aiming and control mechanics;
– reticle is being customized, it will be a complete circle istead of red granules;
– Storm: “map sorting is not clear yet, we didn’t finish discussing this topic. before, there were 4 maps for tier 1-2, afterwards, there are 3 and everything became bad? and “correct gameplay” is largely just banal pedobearing. “Malinovka”, “Prokhorovka” and “Province” don’T fit newbies because of several reasons. we decided to remove these from low tiers and replace with others. but map sorting and the other simplifications significantly improved the turning of newbies into permanent players.”
– modules of tier 1-2 tanks are final;
– a Churchill AVRE tank is most certainly not to be awaited;
– maximum time limitations for vehicle implementation cannot be named, it all depends on the vehicle in question; of course, if a tank released in 1980 would fit into the game by characteristics, it is still very unlikely to be implemented;
– 9.15 will fix all shortcomings of 9.14 as far as the developers can do it;
– there will also be technical improvements aside from balancing & content, information on this will be published;
– the current problems in WG are not due to S.Burkatovsky (SerB) leaving tanks and moving on to other projects, there are reasons and hopes that latest staff changes will improve the situation;
– there was a poll on 9.14, the feedback is largely positive, and the overall opinion on the patch is better than most previous ones;
– if the budget does not allow to buy a premium account every month, one can buy a tank of a lower tier and farm credits to conduct battles on tier 10’s;
– a +-1 MM is not planned in any way, if and only if for low tiers, but for this, a rebalance would have to be conducted;
– the profitability of the “Rampage” mode was checked multiple times, it is identical to random battles of the same tier, however skilled players earned a little bit more than in randoms;
– WG has plans as where to implement the “Rampage” game mechanics after it’s removal;
– damage taken when a tank is on top of another tank will not be reconsidered, this is intentional as to prevent riding on each other;


– these kinds of cases are being considered (chat);
– the German tier 6 Pz.Kpfw. V/IV will be moved to tier 5;
– there will also some rebalances of researchable vehicles;
– buffs are applied to tanks which severly drop in statistics;
– the Soviet tier 10 MT Object 140 and TD Object 268 were already seen in HD in WG’s videos, but will come later into the game;
– patch 9.15 will also contain many small fixes to HD models already in the game;
– lighting model is already advanced enough;
– no plans to give players access to the T-22sr except for personal missions;
– there won’t be a possibility to disable clicks on the minimap and the battle menu (TN: I assume the F-key commands are meant)
– new update won’t contain global balancing changes yet, there will only be changes to specific vehicles;
– regarding shells landing in front of the enemy hull into the ground, Storm said: “a shell has to fly always into the middle of the reticle? it doesn’t fly outside the reticle’s bounds, except in cases of packet loss”;
– there is no whine to be seen regarding the “Dark side of the moon” fun mode;
– it’s very unlikely for 4K textures on tanks to return into the game;
– the implementation of DirectX 11 will come soon;
– no plans on achievements like “Weak link” for leaving the battle early or being AFK at the base;
– the 192mm AP penetration on the T25 Pilot Number 1 is caused by a balancing exception;
– vehicle class and global rebalance are being worked on already;
– developers agree in general that TD’s shouldn’t have excessive amounts of HP and be very maneuvrable, but there can be exceptions;
– there are no exceptions on TD’s compared to MT or HT when it comes to skill dependance;
– regarding SPG’s after the nerf, there was a huge drop in players and all others started behaving carelessly;