Secret Source: The Real Saipan.

Info comes from a TAP-exclusive, hidden source.
In the WoWs patch, the Saipan originally had only 1 loadout. A 2/3/0 (2 Fighter/3 TB/0 DB) loadout. It was pretty nice.

Now in the recent patch ( the Saipan got nerfed. The original loadout removed a TB, now it has a 2/2/0 loadout.

A new fighter-specialized loadout was released. It has a 3/0/1 loadout. The DB squadron has 8 planes base, but takes 60 seconds to re-supply. You also get less fighter planes in total (both active and reserve) compared to the 2/2/0 loadout.

Ship is not worth 9500 gold in my opinion. It’s a steaming pile of sh*t, very unplayable.