Interview with sound designer Evgeny Trubin on Wargaming.FM

– sounds of engine, shots and internals are all real sounds captured on real vehicles;
– we wanted to have a kind of sound which does not put pressure on the player, so he could play comfortably;
– engine sounds are split between engine power and type: diesel/gasoline;
– a rollback to the old sounds is technically impossible;
– the foundation for new sounds is huge, we couldn’t possibly implement every single thing in this update;
– we know and understand that a female voice is needed in the game!
– there will be an expansion of sounds in the future;
Information from Konstantin Soldatov (Foton64rus):
 – Swedish tanks were measured, information was collected, but they won’t come soon, new branches are in “late ASAP” state;
– no enlargement of existing maps;
– there will be information regarding 9.15 in April;
– some mods will be integrated into the client in 9.15;
– complex work is being conducted regarding forbidden mods;
– the balancing problem was picked up recently, there will be fixes, no deadlines yet;
– tracks clinging to edges/corners of buildings – known bug, will be fixed after collecting information;
– in 9.15, modmakers will get access to information regarding Wwise;
-World of Tanks has been translated into 39 languages