Q&A – 18th March 2016

– no nerfs of reverse speeds have happened, despite player claims;
– the bug where one could roll down a hill in reverse with no speed limits is fixed with new physics;
– the problem where despite careful descent from a hill, the tank would lose HP, is known;
– siren still sounding after enemies in cap have been destroyed – bug, will be fixed;
– Storm does not deny that he hasn’t been playing WoT much lately;
– new sounds are just the beginning – they will be improved and new ones added, it was important however to launch the new engine and transfer the sounds to it;
– the American T34 was buffed already when transferred to HD;
– the IS-6’s ammo rack did not change at all after transition into HD, the only thing that changed was a transmission separate from the engine module;
– the Soviet Object 430 will come in HD in one of the next patches;
– to prevent tanks from tipping over easily, the in-game gravitation is currently increased by some 10-15%, to make the tanks seem a bit heavier;
– regarding the IS-6:
– no uncompensated nerfs which caused the vehicle performance to drop were applied;
– Storm: “the players whine for 5,5 years already that their premium tank was nerfed, about every single one. we will not consider such claims without confirming them by looking at statistics, which do not show any performance drops. quite contrary, the amount of tanked damage after the patch increased by 8-9%. the superpershing had uncompensated nerfs applied to it, so we offered a refund, but the IS-6 is a completely different story”;
IS-6 mean damage done:

IS-6 earnings:

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