World of Aimbot – Update #2

Hello everyone,
Wargaming replied to my questions and it seems I got a decent reply this time. If you haven’t read the previous posts, have a look at them:
World of Aimbot – Update #1
World of Aimbot
This time I got a more satisfying answer:


To my understanding, it depends on whom you get to look at your ticket and you will get different feedback from Wargaming. Other players sent me emails with their tickets to Wargaming and one of them got the following:

This player is using autoaim improved/autoaim+, this mod is capable of aiming this way. Even though this mod can help with aiming, it is not considered a cheat or a illegal mod.

It seems for someone at Wargaming that this is not Aimbot, it’s just an improved autoaim that does everything for you. But for the guy who replied to me, it’s an illegal mod.

Also, Wargaming has been receiving more and more complains about this issue, and doesn’t seem to be doing much. The problem is that they made it so easy for players to use illegal mods, that now they are getting the “tail back” of doing nothing for a long time. And it’s not improving, they still are trying to do nothing about it, and this will create more problems for the players who play “clean” and are actually good at the game.

I can understand the Wargaming point of view, if you receive thousands of tickets with people just making random accusations, it would make you care less and just not take these reports seriously. On the other hand, what they should do, is investigate these mods and do something about them. Not having an official stand on what mods are illegal or not is not helping the Community or even them.

So my quest is now over, I will not go back to them because it will be pointless. But I will check the player and see if anything has been done.