Update on KR RigginGate

From Yoon (Australia)

Hi tankers,

I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday

I’m here to bring a really disgusting and disturbing news from the KR Cluster.

Sorry for ruining your Wednesday morning (evening here in Straya) with such an immoral story.

To start off, the player pool in KR cluster is a bit too small to crank up domination mode games (by a bit too small, I mean 2-3k players during prime time, which makes it much smaller than SEA).

It is extremely hard if not, impossible to play a game unless you are queued up for 24 hours a day.

However a few players (from pubbies to most reputable players in Asia Gold Series teams) seem to have participated in more than 100 domination mode games and 20+ players got their T-22s already. (Can’t specify the number as some did not complete the mission yet)

A number of confessions were made by whistle blowers and the full (not final) list of riggers is like below (this is not a name and shame thread but I will name them anyway)

Players are mostly from 2 clans; LEGO and YEE

_ 아이유 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000923605

Z존_탱K http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3001181630

105mmHowitzer http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000466180

50B http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000359889

Armarcolite_the_silver http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000962908

Batkong http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000431799

BGHto http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000176585

Caviar http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000134678

collie http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000862605

Dannan http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000385318

Ehdajsl http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000032744

FinalesFunkeln http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000051307

godarrow http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000009390

HomuHomu http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000002540

HPJ_Power_TANKS http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000772381

Hyunja_time http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000210450

MoonlightStar http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000154106

MOPP2단계 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000193630

mugeuk http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000787417

Object260 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000010648

Otokaze http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000059234

Ruciel http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000024376

Ryohan http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000365827

강철의소녀 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000001003

기적의_사나이 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000361946

깡소주 http://worldoftanks.kr/community/accounts/3000101112

나는행복합니다 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000191495

남자들의자격 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=30001083681

낭만독수리 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000277961

노예 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000312520

답없네 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000268332

레드불 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000021249

로아 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000007506

루페피아스코 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000236565

리락쿠마 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000038012

리버맨 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000043089

리브즈 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000151929


명탐정이호성 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000297451

미필박지호 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000193362

박지연 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000017604

부동산금융론 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000123627

불꽃엑시브 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000011649

빅댜디 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000017114

새의리당 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000311341

세민스님천수경 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3001083834

세이카제 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000064556

소연 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000009399

스퀘어에닉스 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000612800

시모나 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000164653

아야세에리 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000148867

엔터프라이즈 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000003372

온리마이레일건 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000571495

웃대에서왔다 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000644291

음란하다 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000681417

읔덜란드 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000194605

일라그라 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000016805

조찌 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000988449

전남광주 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000608867

젊은그대 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000540560

젊은친구들이말야 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000122377

중대가타고있어요 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000164510

쩡슈 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000166678

최갑복 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000727746

축복 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000156157

케틀레 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000313863

쿠로네코다이스키 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000110297

탑솔러 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000314440

패스finder http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000840423

포카드 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000061619

핫보이 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000706153

호호몬 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3000423506

홍차맛있나요 http://wotcs.com/player.php?wid=3001070267

tl;dr : 73 players and there are even more to come (Can and willing to provide screenshot proof if requested)

WGKR did punish mission riggers from the previous thread about WTKR but they only issued a 7 day ban. (Didn’t take away T-22 either lol) Refer this

There’s just nothing more to say. WOT was one of my favourite games that I spent the most of my time on besides WoW. But I do not know now. Games has become so toxic and more corrupt than ever before. I guess I will be playing on NA until I encounter another group of mission riggers.




19 thoughts on “Update on KR RigginGate

  1. This is yet another reason to completely overhaul personal missions.

    I’ve read (maybe here in comments, have no idea) an idea to change the missions being for a single match to be on a longer go (for example; instead of having to deal atleasrt 3k damage in a single match you’ll have to deal 100k damage in more/unlimited number of matches).

    This way we won’t have any riggers, only guys with no life at best.

    Sure, it will make the missions easier to do, but difficulty is the reason of rigging.


  2. First, sorry for bad English

    Im korean, but im playing WoT in SEA Server.

    There was quite lot rigging happened and not so much was done by WGKR. (For example obj260 rigging, clan war rigging..etc)

    I think WGKR never does feedback. Even if there was feedback, that makes everyone angry. And who doesnt rig something feels unfair…

    Quite lots of Kr server player want to transfer to other server but i dont think that’s gonna happen. Because WG uses Kr server as E-sports Test Server…

    Do Something WGKR IDIOT!!


      1. Although that’s a good idea to make a newer server, b/c KR server by itself was a stupid (by player base) thing to do, but having a remark about used to being 1 country in the past is pretty similar to telling GER and POLs to have 1 server b/c they used to be 1 in the past (although GER is very sorry about WW2 to everyone, JPN not so much)


      1. you play wow? and on the NA server? hey if you liked wow try istaria out sometime 🙂 only game ik of that toxic and corruption dont exsisit in a game as i said you may even like it.


  3. everyone needs to stop complaining about rigging the t22 when it’s impossible to even play the game mode on any server except the EU and RU servers due to server population.


  4. Just a biggest problem is that KR server doesn’t have enough number of players. After 1am, the number of player decreases under 800~500. It’s even hard to find full matching.

    Even though most of Korean users want the KR server to be merged with Asia server (referring to many Korean WT communities), it seems that Wargaming doesn’t care about it.


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