Breaking News

WG understands how the game is plummeting and how the target audience (e.g. you) is reacting to it. The developers are now acting carefully not to cause another “Rubicon”.
– Anton Pankov aka Evily will be transferred to Cyprus. No, this is not a promotion. Cyprus simply became dissatisfied with him after the introduction of bad premiums (STA-2, 59-Patton and others);
– Patch 9.14 is back to the supertest. The devs now want to release only high-quality patches, in which way they want to apologize for promises they made;
– Grille 15 is now in “long ASAP” state. The devs do not want to repeat the Cent AX story (many awaited a good tank, and what happened is…);
– Same story about the FV4202 (will be buffed);