Developer Q&A – 5th February 2016

– Mikhail Zhivets (Storm) completely disproved the given answers. “Very strange “answers”. Partially true, but very much nonsense contained which does not have anything to do with reality”.
Update #2: Not everything from this Q&A is true. Please take this Q&A as 100% verified info:
We offer you a selection of developer’s answers after an event in Kharkov. Thanks to the “bearded one” for the info.
– Havok was completely scrapped, test results have shown that it loaded newer systems up to 30% more, older systems wouldn’t even be able to handle it. Resources were diverted to implement physics 2.0 and sound 2.0;
– There will be no servers without arty, this will cause mass deaths by TD’s from bushed etc. The problem is more complex and is currently being handled, and updates in artillery mechanics should arrive soon.
– T49 will not recieve historical charges (i.e. rockets), would be too OP.
– Tier 10 LT are possible, the views on this were reviewed.
– No free stuff regarding the FV4202(P) will be in place. (As in: only grind)
– Recalculations of silver and XP for those who did nothing in the match will not happen.
– There is a new iteration of physics and sound, a new video on this is to arrive soon.
– T-50-2 was completely removed as an ahistorical tank and will not come back. (Seb: what have you done after, WG? At least give back the old stats on the T-50 in order to fight arty easier)
– Server roaming (possibility to play on other clusters) was scrapped during testing, too many frictions between players from different regions.
– The rework of the current crew skills is underway.
– The player’s opinions on many changes will now be regarded more closely, a special department was created which is internally named “Happy customer”. (Seb: was WG high when they named that? We will never know. SerB 420 BlazeIt pls)
– Work of features like smoke clouds and similar is underway.
– Maps are usually being removed on basis of numbers, like winrate/spawnpoint, heatmaps etc. but now player’s opinions will be regaded more closely.
– A developer stated that he does not understand why Dragon’s Ridge was removed since he liked the map very much.
– There will be no skill MM (TN: for the 1000th time already…), they do not want to split into “good” and “bad” players.
– There is a possibility of +-1 MM, there is no such strong disagreement on this anymore. Blitz experience on the NA server shows the feasibility of such a feature.
– Swedes will come as a separate branch. (Seb: I am sad for the EU tree still)
– Italian branch is being constructed, they will come, but not very soon.
– The replacement of VK4502P(B) to Mäuschen will not happen, it proved itself as a bad option due top OPness against lower tiers and not strong enough against higher ones.
– Replacement of FV215b is being considered, there are 2 candidates instead of the Chieftain. But nothing is decided yet.
– If a server in Ukraine is to come, it will not come soon, the Kazakh server was implemented due to horrible pings. (Seb: please make the server location in Donetsk/Lugansk for extra salt)
– Ghost shells are neither bug nor feature, this is being worked on. Such cases are asked to send the replay to support. It might be a packet loss problem.
– A developer confirmed that the accuracy patch brought many problems with it, but a simple rollback is not possible anymore.
– XP for tanking/blocking are being worked on, tests have shown that Maus and similar ones are returning from battle with mountains of silver and XP, there are difficulties in particular because of HE ammo.
– The Rostelekom agreement is a first attempt at such deals, similar ones could happen with Ukrainian providers and other countries.
– Many premium tanks are to be implemented yet, if the ones not implemented are to be counted, the number is about 50.
– Active perks are currently in concept phase, but there are promising ideas.
– The sixth sense lamp for the radioman will come with the general skill overhaul.
– Perks will not be done like in WoWS, but the WoWS experience will be taken into account.