Blitz: Update 2.6 – Reworked Middleburg map

Update 2.6 is bringing many changes to the game – the reworked Middleburg map is one of them. Since it is one of the oldest maps in World of Tanks Blitz, we have decided to devote more attention to it and make some improvements. The map has been significantly revamped to make the gameplay more enjoyable and diversified.
If you are curious how the new version of the map looks like beside the old one, check the comparison below:
Before 2.6
After 2.6

Key modifications:

  • Lighting on the map has been changed
  • The terrain is now more vivid
  • More opportunities for flanking manoeuvres on the north part of the map
  • More routes to get from the hills to the city and vice-versa
  • Introduced additional space for manoeuvring, especially for medium tanks, by shifting the hill and the map borderline
  • Tank destroyers’ positions on the map have been balanced