Map Poll Results

The devs presented the results of the “map poll” on their stream. And they said a bit too much. Also in patch 9.14, the map “Sacred Valley” will be changed again. However, it is not yet known in which way, the supertest is to be awaited.
The 5 least favorite maps of the players are:
“Overlord” – 14.82%
“Stalingrad” – 14.64% – SEB AGREES

“Kharkov” – 12.85%
“Windstorm” – 8.88%
“Highway” – 7.9%
– The “feature” of the same maps dropping often is being worked on. – All abovementioned maps will be anaylzed and map rework will be planned. If a map is determined “hopeless” during analysis, it will be removed altogether.