Patch Alert Pan-Asian Ships Inbound

Patch Notes

  • The following ships have been added to the game client for testing purposes only (they cannot be purchased or researched in any way):
  1. Tier II US destroyer Smith
  2. Tier III Japanese cruiser Katori
  3. Tier VI Chinese destroyer Anshan
  4. Tier VIII Taiwanese destroyer Lo Yang
  • Several premium ships now have increased rates of credits gain (+21%):
  1. Tier II Japanese destroyer Tachibana
  2. Tier II Japanese destroyer Tachibana Lima
  3. Tier II Japanese battleship Mikasa
  4. Tier II US cruiser Albany
  5. Tier II USSR cruiser Diana
  6. Tier II USSR cruiser Diana Lima
  • Tier V Japanese destroyer Fujin now has increased rates of credits (+8%) and experience (+11%) gain
  • The maximum daily amount of complaints and compliments is increased from 5 to 7
  • Fixed an issue that increased the duration of stern fire to 120 seconds (instead of 60 seconds) for USSR cruiser Mikhail Kutuzov. The fire now lasts the appropriate amount of time (60 seconds)
  • Fixed an issue, that led to the absence of the national flag for US battleship New Mexico with hull A installed
  • Fixed a bug which caused the chance of fire on targets to be displayed incorrectly in Port, when Victor Lima and India X-Ray flags were equipped
  • Fixed the incorrect displaying of the performance of the Type 2 torpedo module, for the Mutsuki destroyer, in the tool tip.
  • Fixed the voiceover for Arpeggio ships: the voice notifications of the enemy and the allied team dominance were mixed up, as well as the notifications about the imminent victory of the enemy or allied team.