Chieftain Mini-Branch Proposal

By: SovietTenkDestroyer
Diagram 1.png
The Chieftain has been talked about for about three years by the WoT community and by WG themselves. Currently, it’s in the supertest and in the game’s files. WarGaming was going to implement it, but suddenly they backed out at the last minute… This caused an outrage in the community. Personally, I think that WarGaming isn’t that stupid to not implement a desired and iconic tank such as the Chieftain and the Super Conqueror being the only choice (Either the new Conqueror turret or the spaced and applique Conqueror). My hyposthesis about the stalling of the Chieftain is that either they’re going to model a Chieftain Mk. 2 or 5 or they’re going to make a Chieftain mini branch which I think is the most reasonable option. Maybe they’re not going to implement it at all. With that being said, if WarGaming can’t find vehicles to make a mini branch, I got the some tanks for them (If they ever bother to read this). Plus, I’ll make a new concept which I myself don’t completely agree with, but it’s somethin’.
Tier 8: COMRES 75
COMRE 75.jpg
Not much is known about this vehicle and I don’t have enough money to buy books about it to know (Seb: like me :/ ). However, just by looking at the tank itself, it’s obvious that it carries a 20 pdr Type B barrel and that it’s based off the Cromwell. Without the resources I need for this, I can’t tell if it ever recieved upgrades such as engine and extra stuff. Plus, I’m not sure what type of autoloader it carries. It might be a revolver or magazine type autoloader. If it was a magazine type autoloader, I’m not sure how much it carried. Yes, this vehicle will be better than the Centurion, but the Centurion is in need of a buff anyways. So I guess it will play similarly to the Charioteer with more mobility and less firepower or the Centurion with less armor and more mobility.
Health points: 1200-1300
Weight: Maybe 27-30 tons
Speed: 64/20
Engine: 600
Power-to-weight: 20-21.42
Hull traverse: 34
Turret traverse: No information but I would say 35-42
View range: 380
Hull: 63.5/42.9/31.8
Turret: No information ?/?/?
Gun: OQF 20-pdr Gun Type B Barrel
DPM: 1900-2200
Penetration: 226/258/42
Damage: 230/230/280
Accuracy: 0.32
Aim time: 1.9-2.1
Depression: ?/?
Tier 9: Vickers MBT Mk. I or Chieftain P5-6 or MK. I
The Vickers MBT Mk. I is not that much of an interesting vehicle. I’ll assume that it’ll play like a Centurion Mk. 7/1 with less armor and better speed. It was developed as an export vehicle to countries such as India and countries in Africa. It did see a fair amount of combat by India. Now lets go on to the Chieftain. The Chieftain Mk. I was sort of a failure because of the weak engine. It was then assigned as a training tank and the Mk. 2 variant got a stronger engine. The P5-6 is a prototype of the Chieftain, obviously. It also had a weaker engine (Weaker than the Mk. 1) with a smaller silhouette, but it’s overall the same as the Chieftain Mk. 6.
Vickers MBT.jpg

Chieftain P5.jpg
Vickers MBT: 1st pic
Chieftain P5: 2nd pic
Health points: 1700 (1800-1900)
Weight: 38-42 tons (55 tons)
Speed: 50/? (42/15)
Engine: 720 (585 or 650)
Power-to-weight: 17.14-18.94 (10.63 or 11.81)
Hull traverse: 40 (40)
Turret traverse: No Information 35-40 (31.3)
View range: 380 (380)
Hull: 80/40/? (85/50.8/25.4)
Turret: ?/?/? (250/140/30)
Gun: 105mm L7 (120mm L11)
Penetration: 268/210 or 330/105 (270)
Aim time: 2.1-2.3 (1.9-2.3)
Accuracy: 0.307 (0.307-0.33)
Depression: -7/20 (-10/20)
Tier 10: Chieftain Mk. 6
Official Description: “The tank entered service in May 1963 and was produced until 1985. A total of 2,265 vehicles were manufactured.” The Chieftain Mk. 6 is just an upgraded Mk. 5 with the Clansman radio.
Health points: 2200
Weight: 55 tons
Speed: 42/15
Engine: 750
Power-to-weight: 13.63
Hull traverse: 40
Turret traverse: 31.3
View range: 390
Hull: 85/50.8/25.4
Turret: 250/140/30
Gun: 120mm L11
Penetration: 270
Aim time: 1.44
Accuracy: 0.307
Depression: -10/20
Diagram 2.png
Diagram 3.png
This is how I feel that the mini branch will look like. It will require the British medium line to be lowered to where the British TD lines are. I also thought of new classes, but it’ll get too confusing and I don’t 100% agree on it, but I’ll explain anyways. You have 2 MBT classes. Heavy MBTs and medium MBTs. Medium tanks can train their crews on medium MBTs and heavy tanks can train their crews on Heavy MBTs. However, both MBTs can train their crews on each other. It will make it easier to train crews on this mini branch and it will require tanks like the M48 Patton, T-62A, 140, AMX-30, STB-1, etc to be renamed to one of these classes, but I find it too impractical.