WoWS: Update on Project R in Europe and NA

EU Forums, Brynd, Community Manager:
In Europe for Project R, we’re already beyond 1 million pearls collected and we’re going strong – soon we will reach 2 million.
As you have seen, Project R has been different in each server region Wargaming are active in. We have very clearly heard your feedback about the project in Europe and because of what you’ve said, we’ve made changes which mean that although differences remain, it should hopefully should seem more appealing to EU server players.
Each pearl goal is set specially for each region, and after the EU server goal of 10 million pearls is achieved, all players who gather 260 pearls in their personal missions will get a Kamikaze R.
Those who reach 150 pearls or more, but not quite 260, will be the ones who enter the raffle – in which 2000 Kamikaze R will be able to be won.
Thank you again for patiently writing your constructive feedback and bearing with us as we worked through the available options.


Collect 260 Pearls to receive a free Kamikaze R Premium destroyer!

We’re incredibly pleased to see such an overwhelming interest in Project R. Due to this enthusiasm, we’ve made adjustments to the event. We’ll still be randomly awarding the highly coveted Kamikaze R to 1,000 lucky participants and, in addition, we’ll be rewarding the Kamikaze R to players who collect 260 Pearls. You can only earn it once, but there it is sailors. Get out on the high seas and start collecting.