RU: WG Needs Map Feedback

Wargaming is interested in opinions on maps. Some will be reworked and some deleted whatsoever. The total map amount is nearing 40. It is obvious that not all of them can be to the liking of the majority of the playerbase. And at this point, feedback is a vital as ever. A thread on the forum was opened containing a poll about 10 maps which appear least comfortable for playing to the players on the RU region:
– Stalingrad
– Overlord
– Kharkov
– Windstorm
– Highway
– Fjords
– Tundra
– Fisherman’s Bay
– Redshire
– Westfield
The players are asked to choose five which they do not like. If all maps in this list are not liked, such an option exists too. They are asked to take the poll seriously because the focus of the developers depends on this opinion. The voting will continue until 29th January.
The least popular maps are Stalingrad and Overlord.
Forum thread: