One day of premium in WOWS‏

Thanks to my brother from another mother Yndy for sending this to me.
WOT/WOWS/WOWP players! You can get one day of premium with minimum effort.
As you know World of Warships has Project R ( ongoing on EU. At this stage the pearl hunt is very close to its second milestone – expected achievement 22-23 January.
Prize for achievement is 1 day of premium account for “active participants”. In my book that means you need to Join Project R ( and do a few (3) battles so that you get some pearls (win one battle = 2 pearls, play 3 battles = 2 pearls, achieve 500XP in one battle = 3 pearls).
Missions are fulfilled automatically and in parallel, only requirement is to join project R and play.
To get the day of premium once it’s awarded you might need to go to Treasures ( and click Open.