AW Gold: RU Developer Warning

Thanks Vlad!
A known developer under the nickname of ADckii commented on the AW advertisement campaign where you get 2500 gold in WoT for achieving tier 6 in AW:
1) You play WoT
2) See the AW campaign
3) Unlock tier 6, play a battle
4) Choose WoT gold
5) Be happy about gold
6) Campaign is closed
7) Gold is revoked
8) Account blocked
9) …
10) NO PROFIT does not have access to internal Wargaming recources to distribute gold endlessly. For WG, this ingame currency has no price. But for other companies and players gold costs real money (2500 gold = 550 RUB). Even if, say, 1000 people will choose the WoT gold, 0,5 million rubles into nothing is a failure for a beginning game. But recalling the gold and banning the players would be an amusing step. Because if a player is banned on basis of a financial operation in WoT, he won’t have anything to do but continue playing on his tier 6 in AW. The focus seems to be on the ignorance of the player about the ban reason and will not investigate. The account will be unbanned, but this will take its time.
But the developers made the right move in warning the players.