New Ranked Battles Coming (WoWS)

From EU forum user Takru.

Ladies, Gentlemen and the odd shiprats,

the 3rd season has been announced on the Russian forums, so prepare your ships, crews and kitchen sinks, ’cause you’ll be at sea for quite a while. The ranked battles will start on the orthodox christmas eve of 6. January and last until the 17. Febuary. There will be 4 leagues:

Bronze League: Ranks 22 – 16
Silver League: Ranks 15 – 11
Gold League: Ranks 10 – 6
Platinum League: Ranks 5 – 1

Bronze League (grades 22 – 16)
Tiers:  5 and 6
Maps: New Dawn, Fault Line, Break
Advancement: 3 stars per rank
Specials: Ranks 22, 21, 20 and 18 are irrevocable.

Silver League (grades 15 -11)
Tiers: 7 and 8
Maps: Atlantic, Ice Islands, Tierra del Fuego (Fire islands?), Ocean, Split, North and Northern Lights
Advancement: 4 stars per rank
Specials: Ranks 15 and 12 are irrevocable.
Rewards: 3rd season flag

Gold League (grades 10-6)
Tiers: Same as Silver League
Maps: Same as Silver League
Advancement: 5 stars per rank

Platinum League (grades 5-1)
Tiers: Same as Silver League
Maps: Same as Silver League
Advancement: 5 stars per rank
Specials: Supposedly one irrevocable rank, 5th rank?

Russian thread:

11 thoughts on “New Ranked Battles Coming (WoWS)

    1. According to AlsoRobots on the US Forums, there\’ll be a reward ship for Season 2. There was some indirect confirmation on that matter.

      1. Yes. There\’s also some vague hint at the end of the article for the half-time of the season:

        \”The ultimate reward for reaching Rank 1 is the Jolly Roger pirate flag – but there might be more…\”

        Vague enough to not say anything, but specific enough for something. But since there are only 11 days left till the next season starts and christmas has passed already and there still not being a follow-up post on Season 2, it feels as if there\’s nothing going to happen.

        1. If they gift something extra that\’d be greate, if not well… 10 million credits is great in itself. Also, if they continue to run ranked seasons so often per year, they\’ll run out of ships to gift to people rather soon. 1st season got Kitakami, how many more non-purchasable ships are there?

            1. Now that would be silly. I wouldn\’t want anyone getting the Arkansas Beta either, because those ships had a very specific purpose and it would massively devaluate them, if they gave them out like that (as much as I\’d want one).

          1. Yeah I don\’t mind not getting a ship either. I got the Jolly Roger, lots of flags and money, so I really have nothing to complain about. Plus, the supposed gift-ship was the Kamikaze and I actually have that one already, although its named Fujin, so there\’s not really a pressing reason to get one to begin with, My disappointment solely derives from them promissing *something* and so far not following up on it. I\’d be completely content with them saying \”Yeah, we kinda can\’t give you anything extra, because we\’d run out of prizes sooner or later and you\’d only be getting gold instead, at most, so please be happy with what you already got.\” (which I would absolutely be).

          2. Oh and I forgot:

            \”how many more non-purchasable ships are there?\”

            As many as they want there to be 🙂

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