Q&A – 28th November 2015

But before it,  I want to tell you that today is the 97th anniversary of the Union of Bukovina with Romania. After all these years, unfortunately half of Bukovina is still part of Ukraine (cause of mr. Stalin and the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact). Bukovina was originally part of the Principality of Moldavia.



We also got a new translator! Yay!


– regarding the bug while pressing Alt+Q simultaneously – this problem is not fixed, therefore not in the patchnotes;

– the profitability of the new “Domination” mode was looked at and was increased;

– the minimap not working on pressing the “Alt” key was fixed in the micropatch;

– serverside replays are not expected in 2016;

– Storm: “Regarding the ghost shell problem – this is highly exaggerated. Out of 20 reports with replays which are sent to us, only some 1-2 are valid. The problem is about as old as the game itself. No changes influencing this problem were made. Also, there is no increase in reports of this problem”

– “would changing the engine fix the ghost shells or is that too hard/complicated?” “Nothing is complicated, but disclosing details would harm the project”

– the fact that after the micropatch there are still bugs when switching the tanks (after death) – “Currently we are working on the release of the next patch and because of such shifting deadlines, such things are hard to fix”

– regarding the deadlines of the release of patches – the agenda of patch release will be reviewed;

– to the player’s statements that the game’s problems are amassing to a critical amount: “There aren’t very many “new” problems, so there is no amassing. The bad thing is that old problems remain unfixed, and that player’s patience is not endless. I’m hoping together with you that the situation will improve and will do everything I can myself to do so.”

– “do the devs confirm that for some annoying, yet non-critical bugs, it would be wise to fix them in the next patch already?” “yes, that’s easy for some problems, since the next patch is very close”

– the players are complaining that on the map “Swamp”, there are 3 stones in the A4 sector near the hill, and the middle one is neither traversable nor bypassable, however the devs seem unable to find something resembling this description;

– the reported bug in the “Domination” mode, where the autoaim is not reset after the death of a player, is also not yet reproducable;

– the devs have the situation of the weak area of armor on the room of the american T34 “under control”;

– some players are unhappy with the buff of the 113 HT where it was given +1° depression, but the precision/aimtime was nerfed – the devs responded that players seem to have forgotten that it now moves and shoots faster;

– some players are stating that the czech tier X TVP50/51 is very thinly armored and requesting to add about 100HP, others state that it is imbalanced and should be nerfed – devs do not know what of it is true;

– after the players complained that the KV-5 now is unable to be penetrated by guns with 140mm of penetration, even from behind – the rear armor buff will be reverted since it was regarded as unnecessary, however the turret armor will stay;

– the players are wondering if it would be possible to cast a vote on which maps to remove from the game, the answer is that there were already 3 votings in the last half of a year and the devs are working on basis of these votes;

– regarding the hysterical reaction of the players about the nerf of the IS-6 after the HD rework, the answer is that there are no obvious and uncompensated nerfs after the rework;