Q&A – 28th September 2015

Q: Is the T110E5 standing out in the statistics yet? Will it be getting a nerf soon?
A: We need time to collect the statistics.

Q: How many new branches will there be in 2016?
A: Two, French and Swedish.

-The main goal for next year is fixing some of the main, painful, issues. Work on crews as well, no concrete plans yet but work will be done no matter what.

-Work on serverside destruction is still ongoing, this wasn’t the reason Havok was put off but because of client performance issues.

Q: Why touch the crews?
A: The problems are as follows:
-inconvenience when changing tanks, sometimes crew members are spare and sometimes there aren’t enough.
-there is no gameplay for grinding skills, everyone is basically grinding the same thing.
-some crew skills are useless and not very interesting and others are almost a requirement.

-New sounds and physics won’t be coming in 10.0

Q: Why not remove the 3 caliber rule from certain armour zones on certain HTs in 10.0?
A: Because the function is not ready.

-There is an option to implement the cheiftain as a separate 10, then we lose the branch, but we really want the cheiftain…

Q: Storm, have you seen the characteristics of the Czech line? It’s nothing. (?)
A: I’m very happy. (Possible sarcasm lol)

Q: Is it possible to fix the repetitive map rotation in the near patches?
A: Unfortunately not.

– Armour is the only thing that, practically, we aren’t touching for balance purposes, and aim to keep it that way.

Q: Will the HD tanks that came in 9.0 .1 .2 .3 get redone.
A: Yes, tanks from early patches will be reworked.