Q&A – 26th September 2015

YAY WE HAVE Q&A AGAIN, our translator returned!

-In the reply to a question about the number of players with single processors, developers cannot release that information.

-About new sound engine: “The new sound engine, wwise, renders sounds ‘on the fly’ from numerous samples which allows for a wide variety of sounds. Plus there will be more sound instances and with more variety. But it takes more CPU. On multicore systems this is ok because it uses a separate core, and actually increases overall game performance (compared to old sound engine) but single core systems lose performance.

-Trying to set up the new sound engine as SD/HD versions is a possible option but could be tricky. Using 2 different sound engines (old and new) isn’t really an option.

-Downloading sounds in separate packs is not an option.

-Developers denied some players arguments that single core processors don’t get sold anymore. (Which the developers are correct in denying).

-In the new patch inscriptions that players already have will give buffs.

-Unreleased tanks, VK100.01, VK45.03 and the ” Slipper” (RU server slang for the VK45B) at tier 7 will be premiums and specials.

-The German tier 10 TD Waffenträger auf E100 will be replaced next year.

-Devs are interested in and looking at an XVM mod that hides enemy nicknames in randoms.

-Soviet tier 10 medium Obj. 430 will get a buff soon.

-About the new sound engine decision being put into a “later bin”: ” It’s not later at all. We won’t be putting anything off. As soon as we work out the problems we will implement it into the game.”