WoWS Streamers Added!

2 kind WoWS streamers, RainyuDD and uocat, contacted me on the blog e-mail and asked me if I could promote their streams. Luckily, they come from China (but play on the EU server, so you guys can see them in action too). Both have over 70 percent winrate, which is amazing for WoWs, a game with so many draws! However, they do not stream on Twitch since it is not too popular in China/Taiwan. So this way, I managed to shoot 3 birds with one stone – covering more streaming platforms, having Chinese streamers, and WoWS too.

uocat: Winrate: 74.29% 30 days: 74.72% Link:
RainyuDD: Winrate: 71% 30 days: 75.47%. Link:
uocat: CET 13:00-15:00 20:00-24:00
RainyuDD: CET 20:00-22:00