War Thunder – [Development] T92

Today we are introducing a light US tank from the 50s – the T92, which will continue the lineup of the light tanks and will take its place at the 5th rank.

Vyacheslav Bulannikov, Game Designer:

Currently, the US light tank tree cuts off at rank 4. It ends with the M41A1. We’ve decided to introduce a new top-range rank 5 tank to this development line. The presence of a mobile tank in high-rank battles will add a lot of variety to the gameplay, presently, none of the nations have vehicles like this at rank 5.

The tank represents a harmonious combination of unusual design decisions which allowed engineers to reduce the tank’s weight and dimensions as much as possible. Even outwardly, this vehicle is very different from its predecessors: the turret is shifted back, towards the rear and the engine forwards; crew members are seated behind the engine. This significantly increases the tank’s survivability. Apart from that, the vehicle has a low profile and decent mobility.